The New Age of Japanese Beauty

The ever-changing world of beauty is so often highly unpredictable and tentative. Trends come and go with the seasons, and it’s extremely difficult which one will rise next. The world saw a rise in Korean Beauty, also referred to as “K-beauty” within the last 5 years. Their business model revolved around releasing new products quickly, often called a “hyperactive industry”; there was always a new product, with new packaging, and a new use to try out. However, recently, K-beauty has been nudged to the side of the spotlight by Japan.

J-beaty, unlike K-beauty, strived to minimize the number of products used in a typical regimen, by introducing high-quality products with powerful ingredients that would have many uses and would be very effective. Rather than focusing on the physical appeal of their products, like K-beauty does, J-beauty focuses on delivering high-quality, useful products. Because of their new approach to beauty, Japan has caught the eye of the Western world. Their values lie in “seijaku”, “shibui”, and “kanso”-energized calm, understated beauty, and simplicity. These values translate not only into their makeup but also into their skincare products. Many brands in Japan focus on maintaining a smooth complexion, so their products are hydrating and moisturizing

We are already seeing a rise in Japanese beauty brands in America. Tatcha, for example, has recently risen to fame. The company utilizes powerful anti-aging superfoods in almost every product, to ensure that whatever product you use, each one gives your skin the same benefits.

Source: Tatcha

Japan has also dipped its feet into both organic and cruelty-free beauty. Some of their organic beauty brands include F Organics, Ruhaku, and THREE. These brands capitalize on their use of all-natural, organic ingredients that will help the skin heal and look more radiant. Others, more, have gone cruelty-free, the most notable being Shiseido.

Source: Shiseido Beauty

As Japanese beauty continues to evolve and grow, we are sure to see more and more brands switching to organic, and cruelty-free products. In the meantime, try out the Silk Cream from Tatcha, or the Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam from Shiseido!

Elizabeth Kunkov

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