Myrka Studios Changes Fashion One Shirt at a Time

Berlin-based clothing line Myrka Studios is dedicated to changing the fashion industry. Founders (and longtime friends) Lia Bernard and Lydia Hersberger created the mens and womenswear brand in 2016 after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The founders are dedicated friends.

The clothing line was a natural step for professional photographer Hersberger and designer Bernard. The duo shared the dream of a fashion industry made entirely of sustainable styles. Their first Myrka design was a pair of cork “leather” gloves, and the line grew from there.

All Myrka Studios products are handmade in Germany.

All Myrka products use locally-sourced materials to create vegan garments for both men and women. A majority of their clothes are made of organic cotton or recycled polyester from PET bottles. Each article of clothing is handmade in Germany.

The men’s and womenswear styles

The shirt gaining the most buzz from the Myrka capsule collection is the simple white tee with black writing: “Fashion Changer.” And Myrka Studios really is one.

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