Asia Fashion Collection FW 18 Press Release

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Asia Fashion Collection FW 18 Press Release

credit - Asia Fashion Collection

Asia Fashion Collection FW 18 Press Release

credit - Asia Fashion Collection

Asia Fashion Collection FW 18 Press Release

credit - Asia Fashion Collection

Asia Fashion Collection FW 18 Press Release

credit - Asia Fashion Collection

Asia Fashion Collection FW 18 Press Release

credit - Asia Fashion Collection


NEW YORK, NY, February 2018 – Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) invites budding designers from across Asia to compete for a chance at their very own NY Fashion Week runway debut. Seven brands, from a variety of East Asian countries, are debuting their FW18 collections at AFC’s 5th annual event. From Japan, we are presenting the following three designers: AH, by Aoi Wanaka & Hyowon Lee, Fumiku by Fumika Hayashi, and épi á la mode by Miho Tsutsumi. Additionally, we have VLEEDA by South Korea’s Daeun Lee, and the eponymous shen yao by Taiwan’s Shen Yao Huang. We are also pleased to present Hong Kong’s KA WA KEY, by designer Key Chow, and Parsons School of Design’s own Venus Lo (originally from Hong Kong) with her brand CHAN CHIT LO.


Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018

About Asia Fashion Collection (AFC)

An incubation project produced and supported by Vantan Inc. and PARCO, in cooperation with other Asia-based partners. AFC is passionate about widening the reach of the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming designers.

About Vantan Inc.

The history of Vantan began over 52 years ago in a small garage in Ebisu, Tokyo. Led by a team of visionary professionals, Vantan now provides a wide range of programs in the Creative Arts. These include fashion, hairstyling, makeup artistry, cosmetology, graphic design, film, photography, game design, animation, manga, sound design and culinary arts. With over 190,000 graduates to date, Vantan’s unique approach to hands-on, business-oriented education has solidified it as a vanguard institution.


Since the establishment of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969, they have actively sought to showcase culture in all forms. Though they deal primarily in fashion, they are also involved in music, visual art, drama, and have brought a splash of color to consumer culture, as a whole. These initiatives have established PARCO as a creative space, allowing them to attract a great number of people with enormous talent. Together they are enlarging a circle of creativity that’s paving the way for the next cultural movement.



Country: Hong Kong

Designer’s Names: Key Chow, Jarno Leppanen

FW18 Theme: “TRASH BOY” – A story about a trashy boy wearing trashy clothes and going to a trashy club
KA WA KEY’s work explores the relationship between soft masculinity, the identity of Asian men and the roots of their sensual aesthetics. His personal design process involves the hybridization of Eastern and Western clothing, masculine and feminine representations, and utilizing traditional textile crafts in tandem with the latest fashion technology.

KA WA KEY’s work has been featured at London Fashion Week Mens and represented menswear at London showrooms. This designer was also featured at Paris Fashion Week Mens. They have been invited to showcase at international fashion exhibitions in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

The brand’s designer, Key, was born in Hong Kong and graduated from London’s Royal College of Art with a Masters degree in Menswear in 2015. He obtained his scholarship by winning the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (YDTA). He was also nominated as one of the finalists in the H&M Design Award for his graduate collection, which was showcased in the “DOUBLE JE” contemporary art exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Shen Yao

Country: Taiwan

Designer name: Shen Yao Huang

FW18 theme: “Proportion of Venus”

Shen Yao Haung takes his concept from last season further, feminizing male bodies by emphasizing the proportion ratio between waist and hip with precise cutting and tailoring techniques. The designer manages to deconstruct the absolute relation between body and gender.

Established and designed by Shen Yao Huang in autumn of 2015, shen yao is a Taipei-based menswear label that specializes in an innovative, androgynous aesthetic. He often borrows silhouettes and details from womenswear because he believes the body is just a vehicle. Beautiful clothes should not be confined to social gender roles. As a fashion designer, clothing is the intermediary between him and society. Through his creations, he strives to break the boundaries of the perception of menswear. He has showcased a collection at Vancouver Fashion Week and the famous Paris fashion trade show. He was also featured on “Who’s Next”, “Tranoi”, ELLE Taiwan, NOT JUST A LABEL and Liberty Times Newspaper.


Country: South Korea

Designer name: Daeun Lee

FW18 Theme: “Twisted Rainbow part II”
Daeun Lee imagines a woman attending an award ceremony, ready to be rewarded for the youthful passion and effort she’s put towards achieving her dream. The glorious moment when she is rewarded for moving toward the bright, beautifully colored future! She probably even worked passionately on the day she attended the awards ceremony. The colorful knitwear and gorgeous dresses will make the moment even brighter.

Brand’s focus is “Wearable Artwear / Artwork on Fabric.”

VLEEDA is the abbreviation of Very LEEDA and it means ”Art & Design which Designer LEEDA pursues.”

VLEEDA creates theme artwork, and the artwork trickles down to apparel. The goal is to exude life-affirmation through aesthetic pleasure to the customers.


Country: Parson School of Design (USA)

Designer name: Venus Lo (originally from HongKong)

FW18 theme: “Hoarding – One man’s trash become another man’s treasure”

CHAN CHIT LO is a luxury, handcrafted label focused on creating textiles with special attention to precision. Designer, Venus Lo, utilizes a big pile of yarn and unwanted garments, refashioning them into something entirely new by hand-knitting, machine-knitting and felting. She believes the vision of luxury is in spending time making quality apparel for the wearer, not just using expensive materials. She also recognizes beauty in faults, flaws and imperfections.

In her SS18 menswear collection, the souped-up and shredded-to-pieces workwear was inspired by hoarders. One pair of camel colored bib overalls appeared to undergo a Hulk-like transformation into a pair of industrial strength jeans, while a full-length denim jumpsuit probably weighed (at least) as much as the model wearing it. That was one of the more outrageous pieces, but with a simple color palette of beige, blue, and white, the collection had a refreshing consistency.


Country: Japan

Designer Name: Fumika Hayashi

FW18 Theme: “A gloomy, girly world between reality and fantasy”

Fumiku is a fashion label for women looking for subtle excitement in everyday life, offering the type of clothes that make another, ordinary day just a bit brighter. Charming, slightly awkward casualwear is infused with the unique world perspective of a designer influenced by Japanese culture. For the FW18 collection designer, Fumika Hayashi, expresses the world between reality and fantasy, (simultenously bright and gloomy) with a girlish flair.


Country: Japan

Designer Names: Aoi Wanaka and Hyown Lee
FW18 Theme: “Setsugekka” – Flowers remind you of the snow in winter, the moon in fall, and the beginning of spring.

Infusing the energy of nature’s bliss in a city environment, AH offers clothes that have the power to spark vividity in its wearers. Each piece tells a story. The essence of each creation is tied and spun into yarn, and the feelings are transferred onto the wearer. AH hopes that the wearer feels the same way the designers do, finding contentment in each piece that graces their body.

épi á la mode

Country: Japan

Designer Name: Miho Tsutsumi

FW18 Theme: “Identity, as perceived by a naïve little girl”

The concept of épi á la mode is “full of fiction” and inspired by things that can only be felt; the atmosphere of a city, people’s emotions, and so on. épi á la mode defies a stereotype that brusque masculinity is cool and explores male ennui. The brand also offers women’s clothing that eliminates feminine elements. This collection is inspired by the boyish, innocent naïveté of a pre-adolescent girl, and carefully designed down to every sizing and detail.