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Christian Rodriguez @christian_foto of National Geographic Magazine created the Teen Mom program to raise awareness and prevent teen pregnancy by using robot babies ran by software. For 48 hours, the children must tend to the needs of their baby. They have to feed them, change their diapers, relieve stomach pains, and comfort them when they cry. There are many factors that affect the realities that come with adolescent pregnancy, the great social inequalities and lack of opportunities in this region of Colombia, where it often turns a child into the only seemingly viable life project.

Angelica, 16, with her 4-month-old daughter Sammy in Quito, Ecuador. Her boyfriend Jaime, 20, works as a consumer dispatcher. The boy spends most of his free time with her. They met because he is the cousin of her step-father. Angelica is in the fifth year of Patrimonio de la Humanidad school. She does her homework at night when the baby is asleep. During the evenings, when the milk comes out, Angelica is so tired that she puts it in a glass. (Credit: Christian Rodriguez / Prime Collective)

Programs like the one Christian Rodriguez documented in Colombia for National Geographic have succeeded in reducing the rates of teen pregnancy by nearly 35%. Investing in education is incredibly profitable for Latin American countries, as reduced rates of teen pregnancy and economic productivity are directly correlated. With each 10% increase of girls attending school, a country’s GDP rises 3%. Ana Sofía and María Juliana González (both 12 years old) attend the program “Bebé, piénsalo bien” (baby, think it over) at the “Francisco De Paula Santander” school, located in Antonio Nariño, a suburb of Bogota, Colombia.Ana Sofía and Maria Juliana live with their grandmother in Bogota, as their mother lives in Spain.

Photo by @christian_foto (Christian Rodriguez )
Tamara, 17, and her son Junior, 1 year and 6-months-old at “Patriotismo de la Humanidad” school in Quito, Ecuador. She wants to study tourism. (Credit: Christian Rodriguez / Prime Collective)
Story Credit: Gymlive.net/National Geographic Magazine

For more on how you can help this much-needed project click here: Teen Mom Project 

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