Alexandra K Makes the Perfect Luxury Vegan Handbag

If you haven’t Googled Alexandra K yet after reading the title of this article, please do so. Now.

Alexandra K offers a twist on the classic handbag–think a more affordable Kate Spade-all while being animal-free and eco-friendly. Alexandra K is an upcoming and oh lavish so accessory secret.

The Poland-based company was founded by designer Alexandra Kościkiewicz in 2014. Her specialty is accessible elegance, offering everything from bucket bags to totes. The vegan luxury brand is also fair trade, with all of their products handmade in a studio in Poland.

“Consciousness of the environmental problems will bring a new dimension to fashion and therefore the idea of using leather goods is no longer so desirable to the vast majority,” Kościkiewicz explained. “I wanted to create the perfect handbag that would look and feel like real leather.”

The Alexandra K crossbody bag for Valentine’s Day featuring a heart detail.

Each handbag also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a unique serial number as no two bags are identical. Alexandra K only uses high-quality Polyurethane, microsuede, and organic cotton. The PVC-free line was recognized by PETA in 2014, winning the PETA Fashion Award for the Best Handbag design.

The bestselling maxi tote bag in black and white combo.

Their bestselling bag is the model 1.5 maxi tote, dubbed the “It” bag for chic women everywhere. Since Alexandra K’s founding, the brand has expanded into wallets, coin purses, and iPad cases, among other products.

The stunningly fresh designs of Alexandra K is a must-have for this spring. This best-kept secret won’t be a secret for long.

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