Aandrei David Couture

Aandrei David started his career as an actor, developing his love for fashion as he went along.  Working in theatre opened the doors to a whole new world of possibilities and potential for a career and so the house of Aandrei David sprang from his roots in theatre to becoming an in-demand couturier for the who’s who of the Philippines society.

Aandrei David Couture Designs the Seline Collection
Aandrei David Couture Designs the Seline Collection

His collaborations with leading directors, producers and production houses have only added to the mystique and glamour of his work. giving it a theatrical edge that can be seen in his luxurious fabric choices, the detailing of bags and of course the elegant lines of his clothing.

With a nod to the art deco designs and more than a little flourish from his roots as an actor, Aandrei has created a fashion house that puts the capital L in Luxury.

Aandrei David
Aandrei David Couture Designs the Seline Collection

His bags resemble artwork and would not be out of place in the Victoria and Albert Museum, sitting equally with the many artworks and designers that have exhibited there over the years.  With subtle touches and an organic feel to these divine clutch bags, its easy to imagine Royalty holding them as they pass through the shopping districts, an understated and yet obvious touch of glamour that says “couture” in small letters.  This is a label that does not need to scream at you for attention, it simply says its importance with delicacy and classic lines.

Bettina Clutch bag
Aandrei David Couture Designs

Coming to the UK to show for the first time he will join the House of iKons for his inaugural show in London where his designs will no doubt glide down the runway as elegantly as they photograph.

For more details on the designer see: https://aandreidavid.com

For press and media inquiries contact:  https://www.houseofikons.com

Ticket details for the show can be found by clicking here.


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