The Perfect Denim: DL1961

Denim is a key piece in fashion. Not only has denim been around for years, but it is exposed to just about every scene, from the streets to the runway. New York City-based denim brand, DL1961 takes a new, modern, and better yet– a sustainable approach to denim. Not only does the company offer hundreds of different styles and colors of denim options, but their customers can confidently buy their products knowing they’re made ethically.

DL1961 takes their denim perfection to where it all happens: the production. All of their pieces are manufactured with ethically sourced premium cotton, with a loyal commitment to their innovative and energy-efficient production. After this carefully elite process, you’re left with super soft, super-sculpting, high-retention, comfortable denim. How can it get any better than that? …Oh, just wait.

Photograph credit: DL1961

We all hate those pair of jeans that loosen at the knees after you bend down just once…or how about that scratchy, heavy feeling of dull denim? It all starts with the production and DL1961 values and prioritizes that and more. The brand promises 98% shape retention, 360-degree movement, and instant lift and sculpting capabilities. It sounds like you could practically wear these jeans to the gym! Not only is its origin highly significant in delivering consumers high-quality products, but DL1961 makes sure that each ethical piece is also stylish enough to strut the runway.

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Lianne Almeida

Fashion Content Writer

Fashion Marketing & Management Student