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Snow crystal has a unique perspective on beauty and the cosmetic arts.  With a firm belief in individuality, in much the same way a snowflake is unique so are women and that is where the beauty and inspiration of the brand come from.

Award-winning packaging snow crystal cosmetics

Designed around the idea of being multi-use, everything about the range says practical and customisation right down to the layout and design of the award-winning palettes.

With dual packaging on the face collection, you can choose two shades that will sit by side allowing you to customise your base, blush, and bronze as well as your powder and highlighter.

The eyes equally are available in multiple choice and the line is designed to allow you to build your palettes that fit your color tones and needs, so you can be soft and neutral or smokey and dramatic, its all down to you.

eye palette snow crystal
snow crystal eyes

With a base tone in the European skin color range, the foundation colors are on the warmer spectrum but still have a good range of shades and for light to medium skin.

The overall practical yet elegant feel of the packaging makes the cosmetics feel luxurious, yet practical which are rarely if ever associated with each other.  Simplicity and elegance is the key here and the cool white packaging ties in nicely with the snow crystal and ice theme of the brand and is seen clearly in the snowflake design of the compacts.


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JamesC is an artist. Starting his career in make up design and hairdressing at the King's Theatre, Scotland, he has since built a solid career across the UK and South Asia, becoming a respected figure in the creative arts and media. With a reputation for clean, simple, commercial make up, and having worked extensively in film and TV, fashion and print, as an all round media make up designer, JamesC is known for his artistic flair and for consistently demonstrating his keen ability to successfully interpret the client's brief. As comfortable in front of the camera, as he is behind the scenes, he has also successfully appeared as a character actor, in a variety of projects. JamesC is also a respected columnist and contributor for several online publications."

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