Fashion Blogger’s Guide for Surviving Fashion Week

By contributing writer Peter Minkoff

image by Peter Minkoff

It seems like Fashion Weeks have just ended five minutes ago, and yet, another runway season is virtually just around the corner. As someone who has been ‘through the mill’ a few times now, I can tell you that you definitely have to have a few tricks up your sleeve if next year will be your first time attending this glorious event. Yes, seeing all the amazing collections, attending presentations, previews, showrooms, meeting fellow bloggers and influencers, all the brunch’s as well as exquisite parties – these are all truly marvelous experiences you’ll cherish, but don’t walk into it with the neophyte naiveté that you can just get ready in the morning and survive it all with zero preparation. Take it from someone who has made these mistakes along the way, do your due diligence, prepare for the glamour and the hectic days ahead of you, so you can survive and enjoy it like a pro.

First and foremost

Despite what you may think, true fashion show-goers are not about showing off. Yes, you hope that you’ll be photographed for one of the street style editions, but that doesn’t mean you should put together the craziest outfits that can often, even with the best of intentions, result in disaster. Be on trend and on point, but never look like you’re trying too hard. People from the industry, the ones who are really on the inside usually just go for their normal uniform and follow their general sense of style with a few additions in terms of accessories, and very few of them are showoffs. And, if your picture doesn’t get published, don’t fall into despair – sometimes it takes years to build a reputation in order for this to happen. That being said, I do recommend that you put together a plethora of outfits in advance because, with all the haste (and lack of sleep), it’s best to be prepared than risk making a style mistake.

Put comfort first

Photo by Claire Hastings

When it comes to footwear, comfort simply has to be a priority. You are going to be on your feet all day, and possibly well into the night, and if you want your feet to live to tell the tale, you simply must abide by this rule. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, you can now achieve comfort without risking style, so grab those sneakers and rock them like there’s no tomorrow. Mules and slides are very hot right now and they’re a great option for the day as well as nighttime events.

Don’t forget your signature piece

We already know Anna Wintour is never caught without a pair, and to tell you the truth, neither are us Aussies. Everyone wears sunglasses in Australia, especially to events such as these. Truth be told, there is no more powerful accessory than a pair of killer specs; plus, if you’re a guy, you’re very limited in the accessories department, and this tool gives you a chance to leave a mark.

Play it smart

photo by Peter Minkoff

Magazine editors, influencers, fellow bloggers – these are the kinds of people who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with, so use this opportunity to mingle and network. Be sure to have business cards ready – and also make darn sure the design of them is clean and minimalistic – no one likes a tacky card. This is one of the best opportunities you have to establish connections that can lead to future collaborations, so don’t shy away from introducing yourself and striking up a conversation with people. Most of the attendees are just like you, so your forwardness will be well-received in most cases.

Organize your time well

There are times when different shows overlap, so you have to make a judgment call and prioritize. You can’t possibly be in two places at the same time, so make a list of designers whose lines you couldn’t possibly miss out on, and stick to it. Speaking of time management, being fashionably late is not something you want to do during Fashion Week. Be in every line at least 15 minutes early, especially if you’re a part of the ‘standing crowd’. This is the crowd that can actually miss the show altogether if the venue fills – you’ll be the first to be cut off. Also, make sure to take notes – you will want to report on these afterward, we are bloggers after all, and don’t be as naïve as to think you’ll remember everything. With so many things going on, all the collections become one giant collection in your mind, so be smart and carry a notepad.

Actual survival

With all the excitement you might forget to hydrate, so make sure you install an app or have someone from your squad remind you when it’s time for a dose of H2O. Also, keep your devices charged as taking photos will drain your battery. Carry an external phone charger and always keep your phone in low-power mode. Good luck and don’t forget to enjoy every second of it.

Thank you, Claire, Roxana, Isabel, and Georgia for joining me during the fashion week!

About Peter: Peter is a men’s fashion writer at Twisted Male Mag, living between Brisbane and London. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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