Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Didn’t like 2017’s Pantone Color Greenery? You’re in luck! Pantone revealed the color of 2018, and it’s on the other side of the color wheel, Ultra Violet! Not only are these Pantone colors just a trend in the world of design, the colors are essentially a reflection of what’s needed and what’s going on in our world today. Executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, explains, “We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination,” and fortunately for us, Ultra Violet delivers us just that. The color has an in-depth meaning revolving around creativeness and visionary wisdom, something stronger than just being a color.

So how can we implement this powerful color into our wardrobe, whether you’re a fan or not? No one said you have to dress in purple head-to-toe! The best part is, this specific violet is a mix of blue and red, with a bit bluer base, without being so cool. Luckily for us Fashionistas/os, this 18-3838 Ultra Violet can match almost any other color, warm or cool, solid or pattern, that way just about anybody can pull it off! Unfortunately for myself, violet doesn’t happen to be a color at the top of favorites, so I myself, take these tips and tricks seriously! We all want to rock what’s “in-style,” but where do we start? I’ll give the rundown on adding 2018’s color from the smallest bit of purple exposure, to the most.



Credit: Chicos

When in doubt, start with jewelry. Sometimes bright colors can be a bit intimidating and we don’t always want to be the center-of-attention and that’s okay! Light jewelry with hints of UltraViolet can be subtle or daring, depending on the size and style. Implementing the color of the year in smaller accessories is the perfect place to start.



Accessories & Footwear


Next comes the bigger accessories, like scarves, handbags, footwear, hats, eyeglass wear etc. This is that “I think I like the purple, I’m ready to go bigger with it now” – stage. Violet tends to appear a bit luxurious paired with metallic colors, ivories, and blacks, as well as used in texture like the velvet booties below. These types of accessories are perfect for adding the extra oomph without being covered head to toe!


Patterns & Graphics

Credit: Modavanti

Moving onto apparel without jumping right into solids, let’s talk pattern and graphics. A pattern or graphic is a way to combine design elements and colors in just one piece. It’ll be no surprise that we’ll see the UltraViolet in various prints in 2018. It’s probably the next subtler way aside from small accessories to incorporate it in. Purple is naturally found in florals, which is never a wrong way to go.



Credit: Gucci

Now for you purple lovers or maybe you not-so-purple lovers, but daring individuals, this one if for you…solids! As striking as it may sound, it is striking; there is no getting away from that. Thinking of the colors at the top of my favorites, I wouldn’t hesitate to rock them as boldly as this violet can be. This means a solid pant, a solid top, but not letting it end there. There is so much more to a structure and composition of a garment that you can play around with, to where the color may not even be the focal point, which can benefit some who want to take on the dare.


Credit: Pantone

The thing that makes fashion, fashion, is that there are no rules and there is a whole rainbow of colors to incorporate into our looks every day of the year. Every year is a time to rock a new color with a new meaning for fashion. I dare you to implement ultraviolet into your wardrobe in 2018!

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