Servant-Leaders Joining Together To The Betterment of Humanity

The Women of Global Change is an organization and network of like-minded leaders both men and women coming together in business, power, and spirit for positive progress and change for ourselves, our communities and the world.

We are a movement whose time has come and join together as active participants for the betterment of humanity.

We do this through many portals around the world and nationwide. From business mentoring, speed networking and active humanitarian service projects.


The Women of Global Change stands honored to be recognized as a three-time White House award winner also Senate and Congress Humanitarian and recognition awards to just name a few. Having served over 50,000+ children and families in need and with affiliate members over 500,000 strong and rapidly growing WGC continues to expand and embrace all like-minded people.

Along with international projects, WGC has now had chapters in the national U.S.  Currently the U.S. chapters are located in Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Southern California,  with inquiries from other locations within the U.S. and across the globe.

Currently the WGC Denver chapter leaders -Aleea Watson & Melissa Tietz – gather for educational and business projects and also have their yearly project which this year encompasses A team effort with Tri-Valley Santa Cops.  Santa Cops is a long-standing program put on by the police officers in the Denver area. WGC Denver went on to raise over $12,000 Plus toys to bring Christmas 320 homeless children and their families.

The WGC Las Vegas chapter lead by Galit Rozen joined forces Las Vegas childhood cancer foundation and Britney Spears foundation and raised thousands of dollars,  provided both labor, and resources to engage construction Decor For the children’s playroom and waiting area prior to their cancer treatment. The Las Vegas chapter went on to also collect and provide food for their in-house food bank.

The WGC San Francisco chapter is lead by Marissa Hall and is featuring educational speakers, such as Top executives from Yelp and Salesforce.

The WGC Atlanta chapter president Celeste Giordano served with Wellspring by renovating five apartments for those children aging out of foster care. The chapter raised funds for furniture, equipment, and the garden helping to provide a comfortable and supportive home for many.  WGC Atlanta has previously partnered and supported the Amanda Riley foundation and such organizations as Street Grace, which takes on an active role in ending sex trafficking.

The WGC International Summit 2017 engaged higher levels of business, networking, and five Star travel and truly the trip of a lifetime. We play together, we work together, and we served together. The 2017 humanitarian service project was in a school in Jamaica that was about to be closed down due to poor conditions. The school was renovated in one day and brought back up to code and also WGC International Summit participants/leaders raised over $12,000 in three hours equating to1.2 million approximately in Jamaican dollars. Funds were distributed among 12 schools in Jamaica.

WGC has served many projects throughout its history, ranging from schools in the US and abroad, to senior centers, to infant care unit centers for aids babies, to domestic violence shelters, to special needs, to the homeless and much more. Projects and service opportunities took place and are still taking place in many countries outside the U.S., such as Belize, Honduras, Nassau, Costa Rica, Egypt, Liberia, Canada, Saint Kitts and so many more.

The WGC International Summit also features the WGC Youth Initiative. The youth program works with both entrepreneurial concepts and self-esteem to empower our kids and teens to be conscious leaders of the future.

To join this network of business leaders and  find out more about WGC visit us at


The Women of Global Change participates in communities and also International projects of betterment. We do this through many different programs, missions and adventures. We work together in business, power, and spirit. We do this to provide a better world for ourselves, other women, children, and all human-kind. We also are creating chapters to serve even more impactful locally.

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