How to Inspire Healthy Habits by Decorating Your Home

By Contributing Writer Nina Simons

When it comes to changing bad habits and creating healthy surroundings for oneself, it is not always easy. Especially if you are working long hours or racing deadlines, which, altogether, results in eating unhealthy or not having enough free time to exercise. Well, it is about time to stop and think about how it affects your health and your lifestyle.

The first step to creating healthy surroundings in your home is to find what inspires you. Think about the little things that will motivate you enough to start paying attention and properly get rid of all the bad habits that you’ve built up over the years. Here are some tips and trick that can help you alter your lifestyle while being fully energized to seize the day!

Minimizing unnecessary

Minimizing clutter will have a great impact on you and your general motivation. You should stop surrounding yourself with things that you don’t really need. Make sure you are not over-crowding your shelves or any open concept surface with excessive items you don’t use often. Put away furniture that is just taking up space. Create extra room by selling un-necessities or if that is not an option for you, Supereasystorage can safely store your excess belongings so you won’t be breaking your neck trying to find where to put it.

After de-cluttering and adding more space think about redecorating. Try using calming colors for your walls, neutral shades of yellows or pastel greens, add more earth tone details and natural materials. Unprocessed wood is a great replacement for your old furniture. Decorate walls with interesting and colorful works of art, landscape photographs or even your own pieces. Add a lot of greenery such as palm trees, house flower plants or succulents in every room to inspire yourself to think healthy, eat healthily and be healthy.

“You are what you eat”

Breaking bad habits can be easily done by altering your eating routine. Make sure that you eat three meals a day and add healthy snacks to them for extra energy. Write a list of goals for food and water intake and make a reward system for achieving them. Don’t forget to drink water! Not only it will distract you from craving unhealthy snacks but it will hydrate your body and even have an impact on the look of your skin.

So decorate your kitchen with interesting fruit bowls, inspirational food posters or put up a black chalkboard if you are artistic so you can draw your own artwork. Make citrus centerpieces using large glass vases, fruits, and veggies that you have at home and give your home a more modern look.

Open your chakras

Start exercising. If you are not a big fan of going to the gym, there are many tutorials for working out in the comfort of your home. Try practicing yoga and meditate whenever you have time. Besides it will make you feel more balanced and calm, it will be fun whether you pick classic yoga or if you are a more of a flow yoga type.

Choose your favorite fragrance sticks for achieving Zen atmosphere in your home and scented candles to bring out that homey and cozy feeling. It helps to put motivational quotes all around your room if it is hard for you to keep going. Bring more light inside by removing the curtains or replacing them with whitish see-through materials and remember to open windows often. Let the fresh air circulate through your home and that way provides positive energy flow.

Good sleep habits

There is nothing better than a good night sleep! So start breaking that bad habit of going to bed late and then snoozing your morning alarm five times in a row. You need to get some rest to feel motivated and make a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Adding a lot of colorful fluffy pillows and buying sheets made of natural materials can do the trick and bring you more comfort. They will make your bedroom look pretty cute as well. Invest in a Himalayan salt lamp to get the source of light needed while cleansing and deodorizing air that will increase your energy level and look stunning at the same time.

Finally, it is important to replace bad habits with good ones because it will influence various aspects of your life not only your health. You will be relaxed, feel calmer, have more patience and create a more stress-free environment that looks marvelous altogether.



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