Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show in Shanghai is Disintegrating~ Fast

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Where do we start? Let’s start with Katy Perry:  the pop star had been applying for her visa to enter China but was denied by Chinese officials, then was informed that she would be able to gain it, but after the Chinese government learned about the controversial incident in which Perry wore a bright, glittery dress with sunflowers during a performance in Taipei, Taiwan, they denied her. This is a no-no because the sunflower had recently been adopted the year before by anti-China protesters. To make matters worse, Perry also waved a Taiwanese flag during the concert in the show of support for the country, which has been battling with China for years over its independence. So needless to say, this did not boil over well with Chinese officials, which then changed their minds and reversed her visa.

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Per reports, officials comb through every artist’s social-media and press reports who want to perform in China to see if they have done anything that they consider offensive to the country.

She is being replaced in the show by Harry Styles.

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On to the models: there are several models who have been banned due to various social-media posts because what the Chinese officials consider “offensive”. On Thursday, Gigi Hadid announced via her Twitter that she will no longer appear at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Hadid gave no explanation as to why she would not be in attendance, but there is speculation that she was denied entrance due to Hadid coming under fire after a video was posted to social media looking as if she were mocking Asian facial features.


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Although she offered an apology through Weibo, a social media channel available in China, it offered no consolation as many believe her behavior was racist. But, don’t worry Gigi fans, sister Bella Hadid will be walking in the show. Unfortunately, Hadid is not the only VS model affected by the Chinese visa issue. Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva and Irina Sharapova from Russia, as well as Dasha Khlystun from Ukraine were all denied entry.

TV and media-industry insiders along with staffers for Victoria Secret are desperately trying to figure out what’s going on amid the production chaos. They are growing increasingly frustrated by messages from colleagues in China who are staying tight-lipped about the issues with the government because their communications are being watched.

The show must go on though, all eyes will be on the Mercedes-Benz Arena Monday, November 20th in China and the show will be broadcasted from Shanghai on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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