Music Astrology: A Scorpio’s Playlist

I’ve always had a budding interest in astrology but this past year I’ve taken it to a new level – it’s reached fruition stages where I’m judging people based on their birthday. “Oh you’re born in April aren’t you?”. I can tell you what sign the moon is in when it’s full (this past month it was a Taurus full moon), and I have Linda Goodman’s ‘Love Signs’ on my to-read list. Def-con 1 here. With that interest in mind I thought I’d get my thinking cap on and come up with a playlist for Scorpios. If you happen to be one of those intense Scorpions, you’re in luck; below you’ll find a list of tracks and the explanation for their correlation with the eighth sign of the zodiac.


Mysterious Ways – U2

One the defining traits of a Scorpio is the fact that you really have no idea what’s going on in that brain of theirs. Are they U2 fans? Are they not U2 fans? Are they avoiding even contemplating U2 to instead think of death? Who knows!


Death Dreams – Frightened Rabbit

Speaking of death, Scorpio’s have been known to have a bit of a preoccupation with the subject. Not in a bad way though, they’re all about rebirth and transformation! Think of the first frost that carries death in it’s wake during the time of a Scorpio’s birth; it’s the start of something better in the next year.


Talking In Your Sleep – The Romantics

Known for keeping their secrets, babbling about them in their sleep to their lover might not be the most scorpion-like thing to do, but it happens.


Magic And Loss – Lou Reed

A song that treks it’s way past insecurities, arrogance, and rage, and straight on to the flames of passion, ‘Magic and Loss’ sums up multiple aspects of the sign’s personality.


Master And Servant – Depeche Mode

The watery eighth sign has a bit of a reputation for their love of domination and Depeche Mode has an intensity to their brooding that makes them the perfect fit for a Scorpio.


A Scorpio’s Mind – Drake

Does this last one really need an explanation?

Sarah Medeiros

Music Writer

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