The Galapagos Islands-Let Yourself Be Blown Away

In the vastness of the Pacific Ocean belongs a place like no other; a place of wonders discovered 200 years ago by Charles Darwin where he formed his evolution theory. I spent a week on these enchanted Islands born of fire enabling me to tick another box off my life bucket list. Just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming I carefully photographed and filmed everything I saw as evidence.

Our week in this magical place organised by Steppes Travel wasn’t a dream, I actually did swim with sea turtles and sea lions who blew bubbles in my face, I did swim with a shark, I did get within feet of dragon like iguanas, blue footed boobies and giant tortoises, I did hike to the top of a volcano and I did have the experience of a life time in a place that is like nowhere else in this world.

Let me transport you to these wondrous islands which have transformed our understanding of the whole of life on earth, watch my adventure and let yourself be blown away.


Today With Charlotte Day

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