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Wearth London is all about changing the perception around what it means to be sustainable and making it easier to shop consciously in the UK. They are a new online department store that is bringing together a range of contemporary UK brands from natural beauty to furniture who make products that meet sustainable values with high quality and relevance.

Wearth London has individually selected over 20 partner brands and products for their sustainable/ethical production (no mass-produced goods or sweatshops!), natural ingredients and/or recyclable and upcycled materials. At the heart of what they do is championing UK brands and they want to be a platform which supports vitalizes the sustainable retail offering. Rather than having a big warehouse where all Wearth products are sent to and then repackaged their brands deliver directly to the customer, which is a more efficient way of running their store.

THE ONLINE STORE: Wearth wants to make it easy for people to shop by their values and people can do this on their values page. Here people can see products from a range of departments which have different values, for instance, reclaimed materials, plastic-free or made in the UK. The brand will have an active blog with lots of guest bloggers where their customers can keep updated on the latest sustainable lifestyle tips and stories.

THE DEPARTMENTS: Natural beauty.  Wearths’ natural beauty department is, as you would expect, full of beauty products which are natural and free from any nasty chemicals. All products that they sell are luxurious and feel-good products which are also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and housed in glass packaging.

Homewares: The homewares department consists of products for the home which are mostly made in the UK by hand using sustainably sourced materials including soft furnishings, kitchenware, and ceramics.

Furniture:  All furniture is handmade in the UK using reclaimed, pallet or sustainably sourced materials and is full of stylish and contemporary pieces fit for any 21st century home.

Lifestyle: This is the department for everyday living items which help their customers live in an eco-conscious manner from cork yoga mats to zero waste essentials.

Gifts: This is full of Wfavoriteavourite products as well as their gift sets, making it easy to find sustainable gifts for loved ones, including children.

THE FOUNDERS:  Wearth is a new company set up by two people in their twenties who want to make the sustainable living both accessible and attractive. Ed is a Geography graduate who has developed a passion for protecting the environment during his studies and Imogen, who is finishing a marketing degree, is equally passionate about promoting sustainable living through rewriting the stereotypes associated with eco-products.

QUOTES: Ed “Our aim is to really to make it easy to find nice brands which have sustainable values and are relevant to our customers. There are some great products out there in the UK but they’re hard to find, that’s why we’ve spent over a year now researching and partnering up with these brands, making them more accessible. We want to make the eco-movement more widespread in the UK.” Imogen “As someone who has always been interested in fashion and style, I struggled to find a balance between this and my commitment to live sustainably. This was the inspiration behind Wearth London, a store for people who care about style and also conscious living – the two no longer need to be a contradiction.”

CORK YOGIS: Cork Yogis is an eco-friendly yoga brand recently seen on Dragons Den and founded by Lara, a yoga lover who fed up of slippery yoga mats came up with the idea of cork yoga mats. Not only is cork a very eco-friendly material but also has amazing grip making Bikram Yoga a little bit easier! Alongside its sustainable values, at the heart of what they do is empowering women who have survived human trafficking in India. With every mat purchased, a contribution is made towards literacy and sewing courses providing them with much-needed skills. –

Classic Yoga Mat – £65.

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BETTZY: Bettzy is the creation of Zoe & Andy who make sustainable and responsibly produced furniture by hand in their Hertfordshire studio. They are passionate about turnings pieces of old pallet or scaffold board into unique high quality reclaimed pieces which would look great in any home. All wood and fabrics used for their furniture are sourced ethically around Hertfordshire and the result of Zoe and Andy’s efforts is high-quality handcrafted furniture which is designed for modern living and made to last.

Oak Button Ottoman – £380.

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OLOFSON SKINCARE: Olofson Skincare is a small batch premium skincare company based on the Sussex coast and founded by Wendy. Wendy and her team are passionate about creating quality skin care range from premium, naturally derived ingredients that not only works but isn’t full of irritating or harsh ingredients. They want people to be able to add a little bit of luxury every day, so each product has been designed to create an uplifting and nourishing experience.  –

Daily face cream (25ml) – £29.

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ARA | THE ALTAR Ara | the altar was created by Lauren who makes all her pieces by hand in her studio in North West England. One of the two main inspirations for her work is astronomy and nature and the result is fine jewelry for the stylish everyday living. The environment is firmly at the heart of Lauren’s craft with all precious metals used recycled as well as biodegradable packaged material. Ara | the altar was our first jewelry partner brand and we think that her jewelry is simply stunning whilst treading lightly on this planet.

– Astra ring – £45.

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