Unveiling Veil Cosmetics

The beginning of anything starts with a solid foundation.  Why would it be any different when it pertains to makeup.

Introducing Veil Cosmetics.

Veil Cosmetics launched in September 2012 at New York Fashion Week with a very clear mission; modernize the traditional approach to makeup by revealing gorgeous skin, not masking it, with multi-tasking, treatment cosmetics.



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I’ve personally followed their Instagram and loved all the images and feedback from their customers.

Veil has something for everyone.

I’m a WOC (woman of color) and when I was notified that I’d be able to review their Sunset Skin Foundation and their Complexion Fix Corrector Concealer Highlighter, I was like Yessssssss!

Sunday morning was a wake up to makeup type of morning for me. I felt inspired and wanted to try something new.

Image provided by Gia O’Neal

Deep Foncé 5p was my shade in foundation and when I say it melted like hot butter on a roll on my skin is an understatement.

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Beauty blender in hand rose water in the other I saturated my sponge warmed up my foundation on the back of my hand and watched it melt into my skin. It felt amazing.

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What I like most is that it gives you phenomenal coverage without feeling like you have 10 pounds of makeup on your face.

Allow me to make a comparison, if you’ve ever had your makeup airbrushed that flawless coverage look you get can be achieved by using Veil Cosmetics Sunset Skin Foundation. It’s weightless.

Paraben free, oil free = Happy skin for me.

Pros; Super HD, Hydrating, Non-Sticky, Smooth dry down, Sheer to medium coverage.

Cons;  If you suffer from severe melasma, acne or scarring this alone will not do the trick.


Alas, you may have some help by adding the Complexion Fix Corrector Concealer Highlighter (legit name) does it all.

As I’ve said in many articles I’m a sucker for a product that can do it all and this little baby gets the job done.

I highlighted with Deep Foncé 5g. Creamy in consistency didn’t dry out quickly which allowed me time to blend.

I also used it to sculpt my brows, highlight my Cupid’s bow as well as highlight the bridge of my nose.

Keep your foundation solid add Veil Cosmetics to your starting line up and you will not be disappointed.

Image provided via Gia O’Neal

Visit www.veilcosmetics.com for a variety of products they offer.

Price points on items listed above

Foundation (various colors) $49.00 30ml- 1 fl oz.

Complexion Fix( various colors) $40.00 4ml- 0.135 fl oz.









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