5 Fall Fashion Tips For Men

By contributing writer Peter Minkoff

When you were a boy, the arrival of September 1st meant shopping for back-to-school clothes. Your school days may be long behind you but that doesn’t mean you aren’t due for a change of wardrobe, except this time, you’ll be making your own fashion choices instead of your mom. As soon as the first leaf changes color, that’s a signal to put your shorts away and turn to cozier clothes. Now, even all the fashion-savvy guys out there need a bit of help, let alone those who are style neophytes. In the hopes to see as many handsome guys walking down the street looking their absolute best this season, we’re putting a few good fashion words out there, so pay attention and be one of the handsome guys.

First and Foremost

We need to talk about outerwear. Depending on your style persona and as well as your lifestyle there is an abundance of choices in the outerwear department, and they’re all yours for the picking.  If you’re looking for something with an edge, the classic biker is waiting for you, and if you’re a touch more polished than that, there’s always the varsity bomber jacket. This baby is so versatile that you can wear it whenever to any given occasion, and it’s definitely a piece you want in your closet. Of course, if your tastes are more on the edgy side, a classic stonewashed jacket that has totally made a comeback will be just what the style doctor ordered.

Sharp and Smart

Young men of today, particularly those who are members of the millennial generation seem to have some beef with suits. This can probably be accredited to the fact that most workplaces now foster a more relaxed office dress code. This rejection of the suit and wearing one only on your wedding day has to stop, as there is nothing sharper or sexier than a man in a great suit. Another possible culprit of the suit-rejection may be the cut and color. Men feel like they’re in a uniform prison when forced to wear a suit. What you have to realize is that now, a suit can look however you want it to look and it can totally speak to your style persona. In the era of custom suits, you get to pick your own pattern, color, and as What Not To Wear host Clinton Kelly says, “Instead of going for a baggier fit, opt for something that looks a bit more tailored. Try doing more of a straight leg that fits closer to the body.” Thanks to this ‘new suit’, now every guy can feel comfortable and attractive wearing one, not to mention unique. The additional incentive, thanks to a little thing called enclothed cognition, you won’t only be perceived as more professional, but feel capable and professional on the inside.

Hot and Snug

As the preppy style makes a comeback, a shirt topped off with a simple single color sweater looks more attractive on a guy than ever. Those button down shirts you’ve been wearing all summer long can definitely overstay their summer welcome. Just roll the sleeves down and pair them up with a nice sweater. The hottest colors right now are definitely burnt orange, dark green and navy blue, and as far as the cut goes, choose shawl neck sweaters heavy textured wool and you won’t be in the wrong.

Athleisure is Here To Stay

While the photos that come to us straight from Fashion Week show us that in terms of men’s fashion, the designers have been leaning towards creations that no regular dude would ever be caught dead wearing, the general message that’s been heard loud and clear is that athleisure is here to stay. If you love your sweats and hoodies, there is definitely no reason to give them up, so if this is your preference, by all means, do carry on.

Love Thy Denim

Jeans will definitely never go out of style, although it does seem that the ripped jeans trend is definitely on its way out and fitted dark-wash jeans will make for a wonderfully versatile addition to your wardrobe. Of course, if you can’t get enough of denim, light, or better yet all shades of grey are also hot this season so don’t be afraid to stock up. Bonus tip: every possible type of pant looks amazing with suede ankle boots (yes, you can even pull them off with sweats), so this is definitely the type of footwear you simply can’t welcome Fall without.

Peter is a men’s fashion writer at Twisted Male Mag, living between Brisbane and London. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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