Millennials: The Most Powerful Generation Ever Because They Refuse To Settle For Mediocre

Millennials or Generation Y: People born between 1980 and 2000.

I am a member of the millennial group and it is safe to say we do not have a great rep! There 2.5 billion of us worldwide with a dominance over the social networks, being frequently referred to as lazy, self-entitled and crazy it has led us to become a huge talking point.

We experience other’s disapproval on a daily basis whether its from a viral video like Simon Sinek’s, from your parents or grandparents or just some random people you happen to be eavesdropping on whilst on the tube. In my opinion our generation is the first to realise that settling down like you are supposed to do, isn’t a life goal; we are ignoring what we should be doing and doing what we want to do instead; this thought process is considered rather radical by many…and so the controversy begins.

However, in my opinion this doesn’t make us crazy, unstable or entitled it makes us powerful, we are taking back control of our own lives. What I find crazy is that we are having to do that in the first place.


Today With Charlotte Day

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