Review- Routine de-odor-cream

We all are aware that our bodies are naturally meant to sweat. Somehow, we have allowed ourselves to believe that we need to block our poor little sweat glands from doing their job. Personally, I have never been fond of the idea of antiperspirants, but I still want to apply something to mask my innate human smell.

I began to experiment a few years back.  I tried mineral salt deodorant, I tried sprays, I tried coconut oil; I even tried concocting my own deodorant with ingredients from the kitchen – it was a massive fail. After three months of trial and error, I dropped the idea and decided to just wear nothing.

While attending school for natural nutrition, I was recommended Routine De-odor-cream from a classmate. This was the product that I had been missing in my life! It was exactly what I needed.

Neige and Pippa are two sisters who had a dream to create a deodorant that was clean, stylish and effective. Their natural botanical formulas are sure to make your armpits happy. And when I say, “natural”, I mean completely natural.

Looking at the ingredients, it’s obvious that Routine is true to their, “only contains clean, wholesome ingredients.” pledge. The fact that this company showcases their ingredients list is a bold statement in itself. The Blair sister’s transparency and raw honesty shine through to highlight how much they really value their customers. Not only are the products made from Earth’s supreme ingredients, but they are also completely cruelty-free or in their words,

“tested on friends, never animals.”

Routine carries a variety of formulas with unbelievable, aromatic scents. The packaging consists of an ultra cute box with funny phrases printed on them that are unique to each different product. In addition to sourcing ethically farmed beeswax from Nixon Honey (a local farm), they also offer vegan options.

These products can be easily spotted on the shelf because they have a little bird on the label. And for those with especially sensitive skin, Routine carries creams that are baking-soda free.

The kaolinite clay used in most of the products is great because it actually absorbs sweat and keeps you feeling dry. Routine’s new charcoal product, Superstar contains this clay and is definitely a new favorite of mine. It includes magnesium to help relax the armpits to reduce nervous sweats. The cream is musky with a dominant vetiver scent. It smells like the lingering scent of an expensive cologne on a fancy-dressed-man that you pass in the mall. But like, earthier.

You’re going to want your partner to wear this cream, trust me.

We all sweat, it’s natural! So why do we abuse our lymph nodes with unnatural products to handle our sweat? It makes no sense! Routine is natural, cruelty-free and smells incredible. Who doesn’t love supporting products that care about animals and our planet? Follow the regular direction of your body by letting it sweat; all while still smelling like the lovely scents that Mother Nature created. Switch to Routine!


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Jenalle Dion is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and business owner of Jenny D's Remedies. She has a passion for nutritious food, toxic-free living and traveling our beautiful planet. She enjoys collaborating with like-minded individuals and sharing her love of plant-based foods on Instagram.

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