Mothership Festival Day One

Hello, my fellow Trend Prive Magazine readers,

I’m Alexus Loze and I am an intern in the PR department of Trend Prive Magazine. My latest adventure has taken me all the way to California for the Mothership Festival. With the help of the Trend Prive team and our amazing sponsor Pacifica beauty, I will be spending the next three days covering the Mothership Festival. Now when I decided to embark on this journey from Akron, Ohio to Coachella Valley, California I decided to make it a little more interesting than just hopping on a plane and flying to the location. Instead, I followed a little old saying that goes like this “trains, planes and automobiles.” As you may have guessed yes I did take each one of these to get to my location and I am sure you are wondering why. My idea was that if I was going to travel all the way across the country to California I was going to do it in a budget-friendly way and I was going to do it so I could see more than one location in California.



I started my journey by boarding a plane in Cleveland, Ohio which took me to Los Angeles California. From there I hopped on a bus to the Los Angels Union Station. While on the bus to Union station I got my own free tour of downtown Los Angles. I learned that traffic was crazy and always backed up, I saw some of the most beautiful skyscrapers and I met some awesome people from all different walks of life. USA, LLC

Every time I looked out the window I could see the most amazing mountains in the background and all I could think about was waking up every morning watching the sun rise over those mountains. But, after my quick trip around downtown Los Angles I got off at Union Station and for those of you who’ve never been there, I will say it’s a magical fast-paced place. One step of the bus and everyone is swiftly moving to their next bus or train. Women in heels glide across the station effortlessly, men stop and get their shoes shined before they head to their next location and the kids are enamored by the live piano players.

Now when I say live piano players I don’t mean professional hired in piano players what I mean is that people waiting to board their next train sit for a moment and play some of the most beautiful songs. The entire station just fills with music and mixing it with the luxury look of the station made it seem like a scene from a movie. Also, while I spent some time in union station I stumbled upon a courtyard waiting area. It had mosaic benches and a water fountain that made a wonderfully soothing sound and in the center of it all was a large grassy area filled with trees. It was such a peaceful place to take a break and re-gather myself before my next adventure.

My next stop was a train; I had never been on a train before so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it worked. But, with the help of one very nice man, I managed to find my way to the train and he even helped me carry my extremely heavy bag onto the second floor of the train. So, as my own piece of advice for those of you who have the travel bug never be afraid to ask a local for some help. They know everything forwards and backward and it’s much less stressful on you if you get a little extra support along the way. Once I was boarded and set to go I took the train to Fullerton station where I would board my bus to Palm Springs. This was a pretty easy transition since it was a small station. But when I arrived I was blown away by the beautiful Spanish style buildings and the quaintness of the town. It was nothing like Los Angeles, you could tell that the people moved a little slower and everything was a little bit less of a hustle and bustle environment.

My final and last stop were from Palm Springs station to Coachella Valley. So, when I got to the station I grabbed an Uber and took a short trip to my location. My Uber driver took a slight detour around Coachella Valley because we learned there were two 61st Avenues in Coachella Valley. One just happened to be someone’s home, but my driver was awesome and found the location helped me unload and get set up before he headed off. I was extremely grateful at the end of the day that he was such a nice person because I had been traveling since around 5:00 a.m. and I really needed the charisma and energy he had to keep me going.

And after a day’s worth of travel, I managed to see LA, Union Station, Fullerton, Palm Springs and finally Palm desert. My travel time was much longer than your average flight to Palm Springs but it was an adventure that I will never forget. So stay tuned for more adventures as I set sail to cover the Mothership Festival.


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