Therapy Dogs; What They Are Doing To Help The Las Vegas Victims

We know dogs are one of the most loving creatures in the world, they never cease to amaze. Last week, we all witnessed and leaned of the horror of what happened in Las Vegas NV.  The mass shooting, which is now the largest mass killing in the history of the United States, leaving 59 dead including the shooter and more than 500 wounded. But thanks to Lutheran Church Charities, they provided nineteen trained golden retrievers from across the country to comfort those who were there at that horrific moment.

Not only those who attended the harvest festival which included some of the biggest names country music, but those doctors and nurses at several of the hospitals that took many of wounded. The Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs unit arrived along with their 30 human handlers to help get to work. These sweet canines are used to providing comfort to those affected by trauma.



Based on a report by Ethan Sacks of the Today Show,  “even amidst all the horror of the Las Vegas shooting, it’s amazing to see how quickly these four-legged pros can spread smiles, LCC president Tim Hetzner told TODAY. The dogs have an ability to tell when someone is suffering, so after working with them for a few hours, we take their service vest off, pull a ball out let them run around and be dogs for an hour,” said Hetzner. “These are golden retrievers, they like to retrieve. That’s how they work off their stress.”


This is so very true, dogs love unconditionally, just from personal experience and an owner of 2 dogs, my dogs know when I’m sad and just want to make me feel better. That’s what you get when you own a dog.

For more information on The Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs Unit, click here. 





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