We All Need A Bit Of Positivity In Our Week!

This week has been a celebration of Positive Luxury’s mission to inspire people to ‘buy better and influence brands to do better.’ Positive Luxury is a platform for positive living, they pride themselves on connecting consumers to brands who are committed to keeping sustainability at the forefront of what they do. 

Sustainability is probably one of the most overused words in todays world, overused and not understood. People throw the word ‘sustainability’ into a sentence because they feel they should; people know their own brand, the brands they buy or work with should be sustainable but actually it doesn’t mean a great deal to them. It is a bit like saying I know I should eat my ‘5 a day’ but do I really care enough to ensure I always do; if it’s a weigh up between broccoli and a chocolate chip cookie, which one is more likely to be picked?

You may now be asking yourself, but how do I relate to sustainability so I can find a personal connection with it and genuinely care about it?

The easiest way for me to help you answer this is by asking you three questions.

1.) Do you care about how your clothes are made?

2.) Do you care about the welfare of animals?

3.) Do you desire more transparency in the business operation of the brands you associate yourself with?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you care about sustainability.

Unfortunately, sustainability, is not a sexy word, but that doesn’t mean it will not be one day. Wednesday’s talk for Positive Week was all about how we can re-write the narrative and with a guest panel including, Stephen Webster, Trinny Woodall, Julietta Dexter and Storm Keating, I walked out of the room feeling rather positive that the fashion industry is really starting to listen and get excited about being sustainably ethical. Learning that A-list stars and designers attended events during Paris Fashion Week about using re-usable textiles and taking an interest in how we can recycle polyester (at the moment polyester eventually ends up in landfill sites) is a huge step and it just proves that the world is listening!

Do not think that you have to give up being ‘fashionable’ in order to be an advocate for sustainability, there is beginning to be more choice within both high street and luxury brands making sustainability more achievable for us all.


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