5yina- A holistic skincare line formulated based on Traditional Chinese Medicine


5yina is a holistic skincare line formulated based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles + cutting-edge science. Founded by trained herbalists, Angela Chau and Ervina Wu, 5YINA uses only the highest grade and sustainably sourced botanicals that are wildcrafted or certified organic. Angela and Ervina believe in the seasonal adjustment of skincare (much like with your diet and wardrobe!) and have developed products to help skin adapt and remain at optimal vitality when in transition between different climates.

Thus, each unique blend consists of traditional Chinese herbs to encapsulate the essence of each season.
All products are cruelty-free, packaged in eco-luxe glass bottles,  made with organic and/or wildcrafted plant botanicals, and free of  toxic substances.


It is the comprehensive pattern reflecting the natural law of the universe.

5 represents the five seasons, their transitions, and flow of life.

Along with Yin and Yang, the movement of nature is governed by the 5 elements water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  There are 5 components to seasons, colors, tastes, directions, sounds, aspects of the soul, and endless categories of the natural world.

Our Fave:

Transit with Grace

If you live in the northern hemisphere and noticed your skin feeling drier than usual, it’s probably because of the transition from summer to fall.  Most people tend to switch skincare during the height of summer or winter months; when skin issues become more apparent.

Chinese Medicine is about preventative care, so we like to be ahead of the game.  5YINA’s autumn beauty oil, GRACE, was created to help you glide through the transitional period of Fall with, for lack of a better word, grace.


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Adriana Oancea

CEO`s Assistant.