Men’s Hair Trends Fade or Stay?

Gone are the days of the Traditional Men’s Military cuts. With fashion taking on new levels, Barbershops across the world are changing what we know to be the norm. We sat down with Master Baber, Mike Rioux, of Goodfellas Traditional Barber Shop in Quincy, Massachusetts he has seen a vast change in the requests of his client base.

What is the most popular Men’s cut in your shop?
“I think the most popular haircut in our shop today is still a nice clean fade on the sides, tapered up with a razor part and a good amount of hair on the top left to play with. More often styled into a pompadour.

Compared to the traditional “Fade” what is your take on the change in trend?
“More and more guys, however, are keeping the traditional fade but leaving a bit more hair on top to style. I think people can see the 50’s fashion and hairstyles are making a strong comeback and I love it. Nothing says clean and classic like a neatly styled combover. And I’m not talking and the one your grandfather is using to cover up his bald spot.”

Do you see men putting forth more effort into their appearance?

“Absolutely. Nowadays I believe men are more conscious about their appearance. Back in the 50/60s, you had guys like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra who were always sharply dressed and dapper. And today even the manliest of men are grooming and maintaining their beards. I am constantly asked for tips and new hairstyles.”

What trends do you anticipate to stay? What trends do you anticipate to “fade” away?

“I really think gentleman style haircuts are here for the long haul. Maybe a little tighter on the sides than the older generation is used to but still the same general idea. Longer layers on top, with defined parts and clean lines. I think razor parts are sure to fade. They look great when they are freshly done but require weekly maintenance.”

What is your go-to product?
“Depending on what style I am going for my go-to product is usually a mid-shine cream or paste. I love American Crew forming cream Something I can run my fingers through in the middle of the day and not have to worry about flaking or drying.”

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