Maybe This Is Where They Belong: Angus And Julia Stone’s ‘Snow’

Running from the start and here we are again”, starry-eyed sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone enchant at the top of their latest album with title-track ‘Snow’. Released little over a week ago, the songs settle in with you over a short period of time like old friends visiting after a lengthy time apart. Let’s be honest, we all have a time and a place for the songs we listen to: the gym, in the car on the way to work, that song you only ever hear in the background of that cable provider commercial that you can’t be assed to look up the song title to so you’re not even really sure what it is but how you adore that song. That song is life. You and that song have a special moment every time that commercial comes on. Well to me ‘Snow’ has a time and a place. That place is when I’m curled up in bed and that time is right before I’m going to drift off. You might see this as a bad thing (“you mean it puts you to sleep?”) but I see it as the perfect thing. I’m someone who needs an hour or so of contemplative music, hopefully the soothing kind, before going to bed and ‘Snow’ provides this. Julia Stone’s voice sweetly croons lyrics like “if you call me, you will know me” in ‘Cellar Door’ and her vocals provide much of the same relaxing accompaniment to your quiet moments as previous albums have. The perfect background to unwinding after a long day.

The first track ‘Snow’ comes in at just over four minutes, filled with softly anguished lyrics detailing two lovers thinking of someone else, featuring an organ that holds the whole affair together. I do enjoy a good backing organ – not going to lie.

My favorite moment on the LP is halfway through – the first minute and a half of ‘Make It Out Alive’. I can’t say that it’s original if I’m being completely honest, but there’s something about the way Angus enunciates his words, something in the way it reminds me of The Doors, I can’t help but be affection towards it. The next track ‘Who Do You Think Are’ is simply brilliant, and nothing more can be said except: listen to it.

The lyrics to ‘Nothing Else’ are gorgeous with a tune that’s dark and focused with a hint of innocence that makes it charming. ‘Sylvester Stallone’ should be in your queue for the title alone, and ‘Chateau’? It makes me want to bring a toothbrush and head to California to dance in the Chateau Marmont Hotel. So, why don’t you judge this album for yourself by giving it a listen today… maybe right before bed?

Score: 8/10 (really, do yourself a favor, go listen to it.)

Key Tracks: Snow, Chateau, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, ‘Make It Out Alive

Sarah Medeiros

Music Writer

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