Les Copains Beauty Looks From Fashion Week

Les Copains has stunned fashion lovers around the world once again, this 2017 Milan fashion week. Their beautiful dresses and intricate embroidery were simply to die for. The entire “vibe” of their collection could best be described as “eclectic, yet classy”. Not only were the pieces gorgeous, but the makeup on the models also displayed a high level of creativity and class. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the looks from Les Copains, fashion week 2017.


Look #1

Image Credit: Jorn Vargas

This edgy makeup is characterized by the feature that stands out the most- lashes. Clumped lashes are seen less often as daily makeup, and more on the runway, for dramatic effect. Nevertheless, for daring go-getters, this look is fairly simple to achieve. I recommend using “clumps” of lashes, instead of the entire lash. NYX has a Wicked Lashes set that comes with small clumps that can be used to recreate this look. Simply apply onto the lower and upper lash line with space in between to create this dramatic lash look. Pair this with the Tarteist PRO Lash Adhesive to make sure each lash stays in place (it’s latex-free!).

Image Source: NYX
Image Source: Tarte Cosmetics

Look #2

Image Credit: Jorn Vargas

This look’s focus is the natural brow, a look that’s been making its comeback in the beauty world. To begin, the most important part of a well-defined, natural brow is a brow pencil. Other products such as a pomade or gel tend to make the brows look less natural, as opposed to a pencil, which keeps the natural look. Use Milani’s Brow and Eye Highlighter for a subtle look. Not only can you use this to define the brows, the opposite end will give you a glowy highlight. To set the brows in place, use Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel. This gel is clear, so it’ll blend with the color of the brows, while acting as a hairspray to keep them in place.

Image Source: Milani Cosmetics
Image Source: Charlotte Tilbury

Look #3

Image Credit: Jorn Vargas

What immediately catches the eye about this look is the pop of color around the eyes and lips. The eyes have a pretty, dark peach hue that is very welcoming and warm. To achieve this look, use the Too Faced Just Peachy matte eyeshadow palette. This palette comes with a variety of peachy, pink, and orange colors that are perfect with looks like this. Use a fluffy brush to blend a single shade throughout the eyelid and the crease. As for the lips, we can see a bit of shine that can be achieved with some gloss. Swipe on this Glossier lip gloss for a shining smile to complete the look.

Image Source: Too Faced Cosmetics
Image Source: Glossier
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