Women Owned Make Up: The Lip Bar

Make-up is meant to be a fun way to express yourself, not a societal norm made to make us feel inadequate. That’s exactly why The Lip Bar owner Melissa Butler started her lipstick company five years ago.

The Lip Bar is a vegan ad cruelty free company that started in Melissa Butler’s kitchen. She was sick of chemicals in make-up and, of course, sick societies beauty standards. Her focus has been on making sure women feel that they are enough just by being who they are.

Adding a pop of color to the lips is a great way to express yourself fully without worry about other’s opinions or the standards of beauty.

Melissa Butler, on her website, says she does this “not for the love of makeup, but for the love of women who are unapologetically themselves and the women working up the courage to be.”

Since the inception of this company, her kitchen is no longer the site of lipstick making, but the message remains the same. When women have the opportunity to excel, it can change society in a big way. Melissa Butler is definitely doing that in her work around make-up and lipstick.

The Lip Bar just celebrated their five years of business and check out a message from Melissa Butler on their YouTube:

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