London Fashion Week SS18

Welcome fashion futurists, as promised all over my social media (@diaryofanitgirl_) this weeks video gives you an insight into London Fashion Week SS18. London is one of the most exciting and eccentric cities in the world. Londoners do not shy away from experimenting, they wear what they want, when they want, they wear what they feel good in and do not care what others think; walking around the streets of London, especially during Fashion Week is rather liberating to be honest.

I have seen some amazing fashion this past week, what stood out to me the most was the overwhelming celebration of diversity and different cultures, showing that the Fashion World is in fact an inclusive one. This has been a tough summer for designers, political happenings created uncertainty, but, it seems this has encouraged them to unleash a new level of creativity.

The majority of the collections shown had a huge sense of optimism and colour, proving that the designers want to encourage people to have fun with fashion, be bold, be adventurous. With fashion embracing women’s rights and supporting equality, it is a pleasure to feel a sense of empowerment throughout the SS18 trends. Transparency in clothing stood out a lot, meaning I saw a lot of boobs, personally I did not find this inappropriate, some people I spoke to did, I felt this trend to be feminine and boarder line freeing.

The designers this year chose wonderful locations to show their new collections, from old chapels with crumbling walls hidden down small London streets, to a simple white room with a grand piano placed in the middle, to opulence at its finest with Paul Costelloe hosting his show in The Waldorf Hilton’s Palm Court. Paul’s collection was exceptionally well put together, romance not only filled the air through the choice of music but it came through in every piece from his collection, I was truly blown away.

Was London Fashion week exciting? Yes. Did I learn a lot? Indeed. Am I excited by how the fashion world seems to be evolving for the better? Absolutely.

Fashion futurists, click the video below to get see catwalks, street style, the designer showrooms, my interview with the sustainable Chinese Brand, LER and a whole lot more! These past five days have been exhausting, so, whilst you do that I am going to take a nap, dream about fashion and then continue my quest for world domination. Until next time…

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