These Edible Beauty Products are Your Game Changers

These are the latest hot trends among models and beauty bloggers. Meet edible skin care products that help you from inside of the body.

Imagine your everyday life routine. You wake up, take a shower, put on your cream and makeup, drink your morning coffee and off you go? Then imagine that every single morning you can take care of your body. And especially your skin just by adding a spoon of herbs to your morning cup or taking a shot of vital ingredient for the skin. Tempting?


Beauty Dust – herbal powder

To help you body flourish you should become close friends with the brand “Moon Juice”. They use the herbs and proteins that they add to their snacks, pantry products, and dusts. Lately hyped product, Beauty Dust, is a mix of Goji Berry Powder, Pearl Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract and more. In addition, the Moon Juice promises that a portion of Beauty Dust added to your water, milk, smoothie or tea will help protect cells from damage. Also, it will boost preservation of collagen. Finally, Beauty Dust will help the body to cope with stress. It can be yours for 38$, Moon Juice has its own online shop and can ship your order for free.


Power from the pollen

Willing to chew something rich in vitamins and proteins? Try Moon Juice’s edible Bee Pollen that will be a remedy for all who feel tired and who look for a treat. As Moon Juice says, you can add Bee Pollen to any food or drink. Moreover, you can use it a sprinkle on your cakes or granolas. In addition, The shop offers many recipes with the Bee Pollen on its site. A jar of Bee Pollen costs 18$.



Drink your collagen

Our last edible beauty treat is a drinkable collagen by YANA. It’s a beauty liquid containing collagen peptids, biotin, vitamin B6 and a blend of antioxidants. Therefore, a shoot of YANA liquid will increase skin’s firmness, hydrate and reduce deepness of wrinkles. A bottle of YANA Daily Collagen Supplement will serve you for a month-long therapy, as every morning you should drink 15 ml of the product. One bottle costs 99$ and can be bought online.

Adrianna Maciejczyk

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