40s & Shorties ‘Rep The Realm’ with HBO Game of Thrones Collab

What is better then a lifestyle fashion brand that infuses Game of Thrones’ culture into a limited mini-collection? The fans not having to wait for the season 8 premiere.

The raving HBO show Game of Thrones has captivated the hearts of its die-hard fans with epic plot-twists, vulgar language, and bloody medieval violence. To celebrate the Game of Thrones’ penultimate season, HBO initiated the ‘Rep the Realm’ collection. This collection consists of collaborations with 7 reputable street-wear brands who also have a loyal Game of Thrones fan base. HBO’s 6th collaboration was with Los-Angeles brand 40s & Shorties.

Founded in 2013, 40s & Shorties veered itself into a new streetwear lane focused on 90’s/2000’s nostalgia, and modern internet pop culture. The inital humorous designs that were plastered on blank canvases, such as socks (i.e., small bottles of 40s on white socks), got their feet in the door and up the steps in the hyper-competitive industry. From accessories to printables, and cut-and-sew apperal, 40s & Shorties has grown into a lifestyle brand in just four years.


When asked about ‘Rep the Realm’, 40s & Shorties Co-Founder and Designer Adam Niazi said, “as a fan of the show, it’s easy to find inspiration from such a crazy series like Game of Thrones.”  Niazi continued by saying that, “the complexity of the storylines paired with the quality of writing makes it easy to pull ideas for a collaboration.” When 40s & Shorties was approached by HBO, they “immediately thought of a capsule that worked for [them], the show, and the season.” The limited capsule is a 1960’s/ 1970’s vintage themed print that includes a Hawaiian shirt, bandana, and side pouch.

Hawaiian Shirt
Side Pouch


The detailed design on the items portray important scenes and imagery from throughout the season. Out of the mini-collection, my favorite piece is definitely the Hawaiian shirt. Similar to 40s & Shorties organic style, their ‘Rep the Realm’ capsule is simple and for the subculture.

HBO cultivated ‘Rep the Realm’ as a project to pay homage to streetwear brands. The brands had full creative control, which propelled them to return the favor to HBO, the Game of Thrones writers, cast, and crew. Due to the creation of a multi-complex layered show, it allowed these 7 brands to extract and mold their own artistic interpretations of the show to design one of a kind items.

For your chance to win the 40s & Shorties capsule, keep up with #RepTheRealm on Instagram and Twitter, and follow the instructions. Also follow 40s & Shorties on Instagram. Be sure to check out 40s & Shorties website to view their infamous designs.

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