Shout out to all the coffee lovers out there! How about a flavorful espresso? Or if you would rather have a classic, strong coffee, don’t worry, we have it all! “Where?” How can you ask that, when there are so many delightful options in Bucharest, the capital of beautiful Romania? It’s OK, we forgive you this time for not knowing that. Let us present you with a list of suggestions of the best places to visit if you are searching for the coffee of your dreams.

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Inspired by the New York design, all the cafés belonging to The Coffee Shop chain offers over 35 Tchibo, Alfredo Super Bar, and Origine Pura Columbia Supremo coffee specialties. In addition to top-quality coffee, this cool place on Calea Moşilor also offers various tea assortments, Belgian chocolate and a variety of the best coffee makers. It is impossible not to be cheered up by the interior design, with all the multi-colored coffee and tea packages lined up on the wooden shelves, and the quality of the coffee will definitely make you come back, whether you choose to enjoy it right there or you prefer the option to go.


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From the outside, it looks like a pub in Los Angeles on a hot summer afternoon. But only after seeing the inside you realize that you really want to spend your afternoon – and morning, and evening – there. Coffee Map Roastery is a cozy and very welcoming cafe on Radu Beller Street. It has its own roastery and a wide range of specialty coffees, including one of the world’s most exclusive coffees, Jamaica Blue Mountain. Having the roastery just outside the café, freshness is guaranteed every time.


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Savory coffee and homemade ice cream – and by that, we said it all. Creamier is the first café in Bucharest which also serves homemade ice cream next to your coffee, and we can’t say no to that. In addition to world’s favorite summer dessert, you can enjoy your morning coffee in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Located on Benjamin Franklin Street, at number 5, the place has a nonconformist and cheerful vibe, a clean and bright design, perfect for enjoying the ice cream that comes in a multitude of flavors: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, lavender, mint, coffee – of course – and more. I bet you are on your way already.




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