HBO’S Game of Thrones Collab with Designer Koio

HBO®’s Game of Thrones’ will be celebrating their seventh season with a twist this time around. The television network has collaborated with NYC footwear designer, Koio. The designer will be releasing a collection, ‘Rep the Realm,’ a line inspired by the GoT series with respect to the metropolitan streetwear society. The product used in the series is a limited-edition pair of handmade leather signature “Capri” low top shoes called, “The Kingslayer.” The name is after the Game of Thrones’ character, Jaime Lannister “Kingslayer.” Although the pair will not be available for sale whatsoever, they can be won via contests through HBO® and Koio’s social media accounts. Details can be found by following #RepTheRealm.


A quote from Koio’s Co-Chief Executive Officers, Chris Wichert and Johannes,

“We’re big fans of the show and its unique character development. Jamie Lannister is one of the most complex figures and the one that really embodies the Koio spirit of never giving up. We are inspired by his determination and will throughout the entire show. Jamie is constantly put in situations where he has to make unpopular decisions and reinvent himself. The most striking example is when he loses his swords-hand and, again, he finds a way to overcome the loss, stands up and fights again. Our shoe is a tribute to his golden hand and a symbol for never giving up.”

Koio’s ‘Kingslayer’ Sneaker

Koio, a handmade leather footwear brand, was formed in 2015, specializing in the finest sleek sneakers in Italy. All are touched with the designers’ stark aesthetic, accented with delicate detailing. With just one location in New York City, their online store has been delivering consumers their products for quite some time, giving “sneakerheads” extraordinary quality and style, in a more accessible alternative than most high-end, designer labels.

For more information and to shop Koio, visit or follow @koiocollective on Instagram.

Lianne Almeida

Fashion Content Writer

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