Skincare Analysis!

Skincare Analysis!

The ultimate skincare buying guide!

By Erin Schweinsberg

TPM Print Beauty Editor

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There are many reasons to love the skincare world! It gives us hope that we can achieve our best flawless skin, reverse damage, and change what we deem imperfect- whether it be large pores, discolorations, UV damage, or lines and wrinkles… But the skincare world can also be confusing, my clients often want clarification on what products do, so they can decipher between what they think they need, and what they actually need. So here’s is a breakdown of some popular skincare products, the difference between similar products, and a little extra information to help you decide which ones might be right for you!


Toners and Essences!

These 2 products get confused often, they come in bottles usually about the same size and look quite similar- they’re even the same watery consistency, but they do completely different things. Most people can benefit from using both a toner and an essence, but it’s not going to make or break your flawless skin goals if you don’t want to use both. Let’s talk about toners for a minute, even if you only have a basic skin care routine, most people know that toners are the second step after cleansing. They do a great job at restoring the skin’s PH balance, removing any excess dirt that the cleanser might have missed, and a lot of them now contain antioxidants for added benefits to your skin. An Essence, on the other hand, helps prep the skin for the next step in your skincare routine, it contains active ingredients, adds an extra layer of hydration, and it also helps aid in the regeneration process (which refers to the cell turnover in your skin). Both of these products are beneficial, however, an essence will provide more for your skin then a toner will (if it came down to a choice of one or the other), and that’s mostly due to the active ingredients it contains. It more or less comes down to personal preference, if you want to use both, and of course- your budget!



Serums and Moisturizers!

Serums and Moisturizers are both so effective when it comes to achieving your skincare goals! Let’s start with serums. Serums are a great addition to any skin care routine, anyone that has blotchy skin, premature aging, dullness, or sun spots; will get better results if they incorporate a serum. The molecules in serums are smaller than the molecules in moisturizers, so a serum can penetrate a deeper level of the skin that a moisturizer can’t. This is important as it can deliver hydration and nutrients to where it’s needed most, and target your skincare concern in the dermis layer of your skin- whether it be for firmness, texture, or lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers, however, contain emollients to hydrate the skin and form a barrier on the surface of the skin, this is important to retain its hydration. Locking in the moisture after your skincare regimen is done is a necessity; everyone needs a moisturizer! If you’re currently using only a moisturizer but seeing desired results in your skin, then a serum may not be necessary for you yet; however, if you’re moisturizer is leaving you unsatisfied; it might be time to invest in the wonderful world of serums!


Eye Serums and Eye Creams!

This is another confusing subject for some, and whilst both of these products are efficient, they are slightly different even if they have a common objective; and in most cases it’s even recommended to use both together! Let’s start with eye serum- it’s identified usually as the thinner texture of the two products, but don’t let that fool you, eye serums are often considered the advanced version of eye creams! Like face serums, they can also penetrate a deeper level of the skin- which is usually why layering the eye serum with an eye cream is more effective. The ingredients in an eye serum are usually more concentrated, which helps achieve a better result than your average eye cream. So why use both products you ask? Because they usually concentrate on different aspects of eye concerns. Eye serum will usually address the anti-aging component deep in a different layer of the skin, whereas the eye cream will concentrate on the surface level problem. I will always recommend an eye cream to every client- no matter their age (and even if they don’t need anti-aging yet); because if I have learned anything from my many years in the beauty industry, it’s that everyone’s skin can use extra hydration!

Erin Schweinsberg

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