From Bronze Metals to Bronze Medals, No. 7’s Autumn Ad is Bringing Home the Win

In a new ad released today by U.K.-based No.7, U.S. Olympic Saber Fencing medalist Monica Aksamit becomes the bold new face of the brand. The Bronze Medalist began fencing at the age of 9 and became an animal rights advocate before her newest stint as the face of No. 7 cosmetics.

No. 7 started as an in-house brand for Boots U.K. in 1935 with an 11-product range of creams and serums. At the time, the number seven was synonymous with perfection and is why the brand carries the number as its name. The line was expanded into color cosmetics in 1937, and still, has a strong sales presence to this day.

Image Credit: No. 7

The Outstanding Olympian takes jabs at an opponent in a soaring quarry. Swipes of jewel toned eye shadows and liners are contrasted with graceful leaps, smears of lip stick are distinct with jabs and parries, and Aksamit is seen swiping foundation and blush on like war paint. “What I love about this campaign is it shows how confidence can come in many forms, whether it’s through makeup or fencing,” says Aksamit. “That’s what this campaign is about. Highlighting our accomplishments and strength, whether you’re an athlete or not. It was an honor to be able to represent our sport for a global brand.” The short video is a bold, brazen move towards a more empowering view of makeup: it’s less “look how pretty we can make you look” and more “look how fierce we can make you feel”. Seeing a USA Olympic Sabre Team and Animal Rights Advocate like Monica Aksamit as the face of such a well-known (dare I say the household name) like No. 7 is a huge step in creating a world of beauty that focuses on both inner and outer beauty. We are here for the confidence revolution!


Watch this fiercely fabulous ad below:




Ms. Cannon is a photographer, makeup artist, and frequent happy camper in Northern California.