’17 Fall Trends: Handbags and Shoes

Keeping up with trends in today’s fashion world can get extremely frustrating when fashion has been moving more quickly than ever. You can splurge on new pieces each season and find that they might not work for the season to come and that alone is disappointing depending on your budget and time to spend on shopping. Although luxury items tend to be pricey, their appeal will always be timeless. Having a trendy wardrobe doesn’t have to be a hassle! Our team has put together a handful of shoes and handbags that will have you looking “on-point” at all times and also lead you to follow a sustainable, fashionable life! (To shop these pieces, just click on the picture)




Signature Statement Bag: Alexandra K $399

Black never goes out of style, no matter what it is. Black is black and black will always be “on trend.” Especially in this style, similar to the popular Celine handbag, this handbag can be added to any outfit just about anywhere, any season. Although dark colors lean towards a more fall/winter vibe, this bag is timeless.


The Amelia: AITCH AITCH $3,300


When it comes to colors, this is when trends and seasonal factors can jump in. Luckily, the fashion industry has seen just about every hue, shade, and tone of the entire rainbow this past year. Color is in now, especially for the Fall season. This backpack in particular features a snakeskin design, which is one of the biggest trends of the season, everything animal print. Adding in the vibrant teal only makes it a piece that you HAVE to have for that extra pop of color.

The Ella: AITCH AITCH $1,595



It is no surprise this clutch also has a snakeskin design, but it’s also important to note how handbags have taken a turn into more angular and assymmetrical shapes. Adding a little more shape to an outfit can change the outfit entirely, adding a little glam, but also working as a statement piece without the bright colors.



Popper Shoulder Bag: Stella McCartney $895

No matter how big handbags can get, cross body bags will always be “in style.” They are not only the most useful, comfortable, and easy-to-carry bag, but they can dramatically spruce any basic outfit. With the right pick, it can make the wearer look like a million bucks. This specific one from Stella McCartney features the classic pair of black and gold detailing, which works for any Fall outfit, and all seasons to come.

MEA PULPO Clutch: Maison de Mode $3,316




Breaking away from the simple handbags, this piece defines this season’s Fall trends all in one clutch. The colors are classic and match everything, featuring a jeweled pattern and embroidery, which screams 2017 all within itself. This piece is elegant and luxe enough to wear to a ball, and just as stylish to pair with a basic, on-the-go glam look (depending on how bold you wish to feel that day).





Alden Cut-Out Bootie: BHAVA $225

Booties are the shoe of the season and this year has introduced various trends of boots that can work for any occasion. Whereas last year’s boots were kept simple, slim, and plain, this year’s boots have been a bit more fun with cut-outs and sleek, light buckles. Heeled booties are also on trend and really do add to any outfit, also lifting the figure. Backless footwear is also popular which really does make a huge difference versus a shoe that covers the entire foot.

LES COLETTES: honest by. € 231,23




Let’s be honest, we’ve all come across a pair of killer heels that we would die for. A luxurious, striking heel will never go out of style, and they are a huge trend right now. We’ve been used the plain mary janes, and solid pumps, but we’re ready to conquer these bad boys! The added touch of cobalt against the black adds a unique designer’s touch and appeal. The cut-outs are no surprise too. If shoes could kill…




Come Home Block: BC $80

Heels are not all about height. Chunky, short heels are seeing its way into the more casual fashion, as well as fancier occasions. Strappy lacing and general straps have been around in previous years and have made its in and outs of the fashion market, but will continue to make its way into this Fall. A complex, edgy shoe really defines an outfit, especially incorporating both neutral browns and black.


Vivid Cutout Bootie: BC $75


Booties are so in, especially flat-styled ones that can work with just about any outfit, without having to worry about a heel. Not only is this another neutral versatile color, but the style is a classic, featuring the trendy side cut outs. This is most definitely a shoe that can be both dressed-up with a dress and dressed-down with a pair of jeans.


Eclypse White Sneakers: Stella McCartney $640

We can’t forget about the days where we just do not feel like buckling a pair of 6-inch heels…that’s where sneakers come in handy! Stella McCartney has these unique color way of sneakers that follow the trend of sleek, sporty, yet workable with many outfits. Sneakers are comfortability and style all in one.

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