KKW Beauty Powder Release

What’s better than selling out of 300,000 contour kits on your first launch?

The possibility of doing it again.

Kim Kardashian West has proven she is the style and beauty icon of our millennium.


Image provided via Twitter

People flock to her social media pages to see what’s trendy, what’s hot , what’s now.

For years we have seen Kim give us samples of her contouring routine and while some think she should have released a makeup line years ago timing was EVERYTHING .

6/21/17 at 11:38 a.m. The contour Queen tweeted ” All of the contour & highlight kits have been sold out.”

Image provided via Kim Kardashian West twitter account

You could hear the shrieks from a mile away .  In less than 3 hrs 300,000 kits at  $48.00 a piece sold out online . Yielding KKW an estimated $14.4 million in sales.

Image provided via KKW Beauty Website

Kits were sold in colors Light, Meduim, Dark and Deep Dark.  A dual ended makeup applicator brush and sponge also came with purchase.

Reviews were mixed among the masses.

Complaints of lack of product, inadequate application tools , woc (women of color) with deep dark skin saying the color wasn’t deep enough ,may have prompted Kardashian West to re release the line.

Image provided by KKW Beauty Website

Like any product or brand KKW has a following of those who love everything about it.

The sleekness in packaging the way the cream contour glides on the skin, the blend ability of the product.

While you can’t please everyone a second go round can’t do any harm.

Not only is she re-releasing the Cream Contour Kits she’s adding a Powder & Highlight Kit to the mix.

Image provided via Twitter

The bronzed beauty has been teasing us through the summer via Snapchat and Instagram .

The release date has been set for 8/22/17   12:00 pm pst. Are you prepared?

See prep list below ??

Preparation list includes

1. High speed internet connection ?.

2. Wifi enabled on your phone ?.

3. Thimblette or rubber fingertips for your index finger, because that refresh button will be into play forsure ?.

4 . Snacks and water ?to revive you when your body temperature starts to heat up or you become light headed due to the feeling  of this product slipping away.

To much?

I mean have you seen these kits? I myself a WOC  am loving these powder kits and hope to snag one in my color (Deep).

These kits will have four shades , 2 matte bronzing powders and 2 shimmering powders. Dual ended brush will also be included.

What’s the cost? $52.00 per kit . Price quote comes per the brands official media site.

Colors will remain in Light, Meduim, Dark and Deep Dark.

Image provided by Twitter

Beauty Blogger Desi Perkins has given her stamp of approval as seen on her YouTube page ?? (DesiPerkins).

Will the chiseled Queen reign supreme

Image from KKW Beauty Site

Let the countdown begin ?.






Gia O Neal

Senior Editor Of Web