Sustainable Fashion Brand Takes Charge: Zero Waste Daniel

With the growing textile pollution in the fashion industry, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion has been reaching the markets. The council for textile recycling has exposed that over 70 pounds of textiles per person are going into the landfills each year, making 21 billion pounds this year alone. Designers have come up with unforeseen ideas to restore old fashion into new, on-trend, couture pieces, that also make the Earth happy. Brand, Zero Waste Daniel, has step foot into the industry with the first line of “zero waste” clothing. All pieces within their line are made from reroll, 100% scrap material. Their innovative and ingenious journey does not stop here, it will make for the future.

Credit: Zero Waste Daniel

Daniel Silverstein, who is from New York, is a zero waste pioneer and also the designer of Zero Waste Daniel which was founded in 2016. His goal was to make efforts in putting a stop to the catastrophic pollution within the apparel industry that continues to curse the earth. Not only does this have a positive effect on the earth, but the process of manufacturing for these pieces creates jobs as well as set up a training program to assist other incoming designers to adopt Daniel’s path and save the future of fashion.

In just two years of business, the young designer has accomplished many milestones. His brand is not only seen in New York but also has pieces distributed in boutiques and specialty stores all around the world. As for his consumers, his pieces do not stop there. Entertainers and artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Bell, Amber Valletta, and Lauren Singer, have also been seen at couture-worn events, strutting ZWD, as well as on magazines across the UK.

Credit: Zero Waste Daniel

To further expand his mission, Daniel co-founded with Lauren Singer, “PACKAGE FREE,” a zero waste lifestyle shop this year. This new opportunity allows customers to shop all things sustainable, in one place. Along with this new partnership, ZWD opened its flagship location in Brooklyn New York allowing buyers to invest in Daniel’s collection, as well as getting involved in donations for charitable causes. Daniel has donated his time and many pieces from his line to help “Dress for Success,” and “Jersey Battered Women’s Service,” volunteering in internship opportunities to mentor aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts in a zero waste environment. It will be no surprise as Zero Waste Daniel and designer, Daniel Silverstein, will set the path to sustainable fashion for a better future.

To watch the Now This’s video on ZWD, click here. To also view Daniel’s series of zero waste design workshops and lectures, click here.

Lianne Almeida

Fashion Content Writer

Fashion Marketing & Management Student