The Full Monty Turns 20

This August we celebrate 20 years since the release of the iconic British film, The Full Monty!

It was an instant hit and the highest grossing film in the UK until Titanic stole everyones hearts. People loved it, not only was it a comedy drama with a difference making you laugh and cheer at the TV, but, the film also raised difficult issues such as fathers’s right, unemployment and homosexuality. While todays youth may give Channing Tatum credit for inventing the striptease, anyone over the age of twenty knows that Mr Tatum has nothing on these six men from Sheffield!

If you haven’t watched The Full Monty then I highly recommend that you do and if this classic film is one that you have watched time and time again, then my video below is for you, to make you smile and laugh…enjoy and leave your hat on….

Today With Charlotte Day

Online Lifestyle Presenter


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