Ralph & Russo Fall 2017 Collection Makeup

Ralph & Russo’s 2017 fall collection was nothing short of stunning. Each look was intricate, and yet carried a particular theme that recurred in each piece. There was a great variety within looks of this collection, they began as simple and minimalistic, and then transitioned into more glamorous and bold pieces. For each piece, the models sported similar makeup- here are some tips on achieving, and even perfecting, the makeup that goes with these three looks. 

Look #1


Image Source: Arnel Ian Dela Gente

This all white outfit was one of the simpler ones in the collection. The focal point is the plunging neckline and the flowers on the hips. To counter the rather simple design, the model’s makeup was a bit bold. The thick winged eyeliner and glossy lips stand out against the monochrome outfit. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme liner is the best product to use to replicate such a look. The creamy formula allows for even, precise application that will not crease or fold, and is smudge-resistant. As for the lips, if I were the artist, I might’ve gone for something even bolder. A red lip would have really stood out and created a contrast against the pure white outfit. A great red lipstick is the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick. It’s smooth finish will make for a fantastic red lip.

Image Source: Urban Decay
Image Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Look #2

Image Source: Arnel Ian Dela Gente

This metallic look is just fabulous. It’s edgy, shiny, and elegant all at the same time. I could easily see J Lo sporting this dress on the red carpet. The makeup on the model herself is similar to that of look #1, however there are other looks that would make this dress stand out even more. A popular trend that many are trying out now is the “glitter trend”. Artists are using glittery eyeshadows and liners just about anywhere- on the waterline, as winged liner, etc… A bit of metallic shimmer on the lid of the model would compliment the silvery dress. A great shimmery palette to use would be the Charlotte Tilbury “Rock Chick” Luxury Palette. This product comes with four different metallic shades that would compliment the dress. A little bit of the silver on the lid would really make the dress stand out. To complete the look, a glossy lip, such as the one the model is wearing, goes a long way. Try the Buxom Powerpump Lip Balm for an extra dose of shimmer and moisture.

Image Source: Charlotte Tilbury
Image Source: Buxom Cosmetics

Look #3

Image Source: Arnel Ian Dela Gente

The final look is one the encapsulates many popular trends and styles that are being worn today. The shimmer, the rose gold, the high slit- all one in one outfit. The makeup of course, must also reflect styles that are fashionable today, one of which, is rose gold. For the eyes, patting on some rose gold to the center of the lid, would bring out the rosy undertones of the dress. The Tarte “Dream Big” Eyeshadow Palette includes both a rose gold, and a deep rose shade. Use the rose gold on the center of the lid, and the deep rose in the outer corner, to create your ultimate rose gold eye. In addition to a rosy eye, you’ll want a flawless face to compliment the flawless dress. You don’t want any pores showing, or for the makeup to look cakey. Use Becca Cosmetics’ Velvet Blurring Primer Perfecting Base under the foundation to make sure that your face makeup looks smooth. It will blur all fine lines and imperfections, leaving you with a flawless finish.

Image Source: Becca Cosmetics
Image Source: Tarte Cosmetics
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