Community Lessons via Shambhala Music Fest’s Journey

I have been part of the Shambhala movement in some form of another for nearly two decades. That’s true commitment. As most of the Shambhala family will attest, this is a festival that somehow breeds that loyalty.

Shambhala Canadian Music Festival
Photo Courtesy of Eye of the Mind Photography

Loyalty is possibly the most amazing feature of this small town music fest turned worldwide phenomenon. Started by a young Jimmy Bundschuh and his variety pack of DJ friends some twenty years ago, and mostly fueled by a volunteer base that wanted to be part of the ultimate bush party, Shambhala has turned into a self sustaining and artsy mini city. Close to 15,000 people flock to the remote locale of Salmo, BC, Canada from destinations all over the world and return every year to reconvene with their best friends that they’ve never met.

shambhala music festival
Photo Courtesy of Eye of the Mind Photography

With twenty hours of music playing daily, six stages and a relaxed but playful atmosphere, this playground in the least likely of places has become a destination for some of the top names in the EDM culture. Everyone from Skrillex to Bassnectar to Griz to Bonobo.  The best of the best play Shambhala, but more than that, they love the experience. The veritable cherry is a host of multi-media exhibitions and exhibitionists that offer visual support to the intense beats that reverberate through the night skies.

The Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival
Photo Courtesy of Eye of the Mind Photography

This year’s lineup is fairly epic and the well oiled machine that is The Farm has some very interesting bits up their sleeves for Shambhala’s 20th birthday. If ever you wanted to have the birthday cake and eat it too, this is the year. The Farmily is all about getting dressed up, playing hard and being each other’s support network with bubbles and neon. Even if it’s your first time at Shambs and you don’t know a soul, you are there with kindred and they will welcome you to the biggest forest party on the planet with open arms. Enjoy.

The Pagoda Stage at Shambhala Music Festival
Photo Courtesy of Eye of the Mind Photography

Please party responsibly and remember to educate yourself about the safety options this forward thinking Fest has on offer (harm reduction tent and staff!)

Andrea Bell


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