Pack Like A Pro

All of us think that travelling is fantastic, but, packing certainly is not, it takes a long time and is boring; those of you who say you enjoy packing…I just think you’re lying.

When going away for a long weekend and only bringing a carry-on case, who is guilty of saying, “I definitely need all of these, I want options, who knows what mood I will be in that day and what I will feel like wearing!?” If you have said this before, then listen up to my five top tips that will have you packing like a pro in no time!!

Whether you struggle with over packing, throwing in lots of random clothes that do not form many outfits, taking all your cleanser and toner and wasting a lot of it, or always having to detangle your jewellery in your hotel room…I have you covered! Click the play button below and impress your next travel partner with your new set of skills…


Today With Charlotte Day

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