Perfect Face & Front Lace


What does your hair say about you? Does your hair give you strength and power? Do you feel sexy , confident and cool?

This bob inspired me for this look.  I find that bobs look sleek and sophisticated, but also exposes a sexiness.

Not to mention it’s about 104 degrees here in California, so long hair for me right now is out!

10 minutes max is my flat iron time.

Let’s  get ready to conquer the day. Go from drab to fab in 25 mins or less.

Clean skin is always in, so while you shower make sure you take a moment or two to wash your face and use a cleanser for your skin type.

Steps to a successful no muss no fuss look:

1. Clean skin

2. Treat the skin ( moisturizer, serum, spf)

3. Primer, (if applying makeup) you can also use a mattifying primer and sunblock if you aren’t wearing makeup for that not so oily look.



What sticks out to you here?

Caring properly for the skin, that’s the foundation to your perfectly slayed creation.

Having brows groomed already saves time, so whether you wax, pluck or thread, stay prepared, because that will cut down time on shaping your brows (3minutes). Brows frame your face .

After all the potions and lotions have been applied, grab your foundation of choice.

Today’s foundation, Anastasia Of  Beverly Hills foundation stick in the color (cocoa).

I love the application of this foundation, because I literally draw on my face like Zena princess warrior, (one minute application if that) use a buffer brush, and blend (2 to 3 minutes ), wallah FLAWLESS .

Ultralucent setting powder by Cinema Secrets is a great cruelty free setting powder to ensure that your face stays in one place, no slippage or spillage. Available online at at a price of $24.00

If you find this colorless powder leaves you wanting more warmth, add color by using your normal colored powder. Grab a fluffy brush (a dab will do) for a 2 minute application.

Eyeshadow, 3 colors used, Giza, Fulani and Ada in tear ducts (Juvias Place). Application time 3 to 5 minutes.

Sidebar- Eyeshadow can be applied before or after foundation (totally up to you).

Its time to SHINE✨. Blush optional (1 minute application.)

Que Beyoncé, every time I apply highlight I sing that song ‘Shinning shinning shinning shinning yeahhhhhh!!!!’

Now for me this is life, I’m constantly tilting my head when someone calls my name, making sure they catch the light. Serving Zoolander with no background music.

Melanie Mills gleam, in the color Bronzed, and Juvias place eyeshadow in the color Casablanca. Application 2 to 3 minutes. You can use a sponge, fan brush or a domed shapped brush to apply.

Finally, set your face with Slay All Day spray from Gerard Cosmetics .

Grab the OOTD and prepare to take the world by storm ⛈.

This lace jumper said I’m sweet, but not afraid to show a little cleavage ? .

Always put your best face forward! Be expressive,be loud be unapologetically YOU!









Gia O Neal

Senior Editor Of Web