Glossier’s Newest Product Has Us Saying Wow(der)!

Glossier is going against their classic brand of dewy, bare make-up and introducing something totally different. Wowder is their newest product that doesn’t increase shine, it does exactly the opposite. This new product is a powder that “cuts shine, sets makeup, and blurs the appearance of pores.”

Glossier’s Wowder via

Their other products promote a glow-y, sunshine-y look that encourages very little make-up. Wowder is entirely different, leaving Glossier fans shocked but also excited. Glossier is marking this campaign as ‘Undo the Dew.’ This powder is a great alternative to looking dewy, while still being effortless.

Wowder is being sold for $22 dollars or purchase the Wowder Duo, with the powder and a brush, for $35.

Like their Perfecting Skin Tint, Wowder doesn’t have to be an exact match to your skin, as it’s quite adaptable.  This leaves the options open for a range of skin tones to use these powders, since there are only 3 shades available.