MAC Has Solved Your Eyeliner Troubles

When I first began experimenting with eyeliner, my experience was terrifying, to say the least. It hurt to apply, it smudged, I over did it, and it all ended with me having to use an embarrassing amount of makeup remover. I had tried every type of liner- liquid, gel, and pencil, and it took me a while to learn how to properly use just one of them. Fortunately, MAC has designed a solution to the mistakes that amateurs often make- a liner with “training wheels”, so to speak. MAC recently released a liner like no other- the “roller wheel liner”. The applicator of the liner is a small disk (resembling that of a pizza cutter) that spins while dispersing the perfect amount of product onto your eye. The lines it draws are thin, and look as though they are straighter, and more precise than lines drawn with any other conventional liner. The point of this unique product is to make drawing cat eyes easier.

Source: Saks Fifth Ave

The liner comes in 3 different shades- blue, black, and brown. The formula itself is liquid, but rest assured that using this applicator is much easier than using a traditional liquid liner brush. Makeup artist Michael Patterson used the roller wheel at New York Fashion Week this year, and enjoyed it very much. Although it won’t be available in stores until September, you can buy the product online for just $21. So there it is, your cat eye woes gone in an instant!

Elizabeth Kunkov

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