The History of Stunt Scootering: Why it’s a Profession & Not a Phase!

You may have never heard of stunt scootering, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t built up a reputation in skate-parks around the world. It has come a long way from being mocked, and it has certainly proved itself to be more than just a phase in the world of extreme sports.

Nowadays, those involved in stunt scootering can win competitions worldwide, gain sponsorships to become professional and have media coverage. It’s as much a serious stunt sport as all the rest, but it didn’t start out that way.

Scooters were initially created as a toy, often out of wood, and not capable of any great practical application. Though early patents for the modern scooter as we know it today were filed as far back as 1921, it wasn’t until Wim Oboter invented the Micro scooter that the world took notice. This scooter could handle both the weight of an adult and could fold away. It took the Swiss banker ten years to complete his design, and when it was done? Scooters became hugely popular as a transportation method in crowded cities.

We all know that the scooter’s history didn’t end there.

The new lightweight frame of the scooter proved perfect for jumping, tricks, and stunts; however, it wasn’t until riders started customizing their rides to help them to defy gravity that brands developed to cater for this new breed of scooter rider, and the craze began. What is great, is that the brands have been born out of real passion and understanding for the sport

These scooters are far more durable; able to take a beating after beating and still live to tell the tale. As time goes on, better designs are evolving. Currently, Sacrifice offers the lightest stunt scooters on the market.

The lighter the scooter, the higher in the air you can go.  can take you through the whole Sacrifice brand range, and make sure that you get the right scooter to meet your needs.

When stunt scootering first came into the mainstream in the early 2000s, people were confused by it. It was commonly mocked and was considered nothing more than a phase. Stunt scootering, however, has persisted. Nowadays you can compete at Scootfest, one of the world’s largest competitions, which draws in crowds in the thousands. There is the U.S. Scooter-Cross Championship, the Pro Scooter Series (the highest paying competition with over $20,000 in prize money to be won), ScooterCon, Nitro World Games, and many others. There are races all over the world, and events throughout the year.

Stunt scootering might have been mocked in the beginning, but now it is taken seriously as a professional sport with a worldwide audience. Its appreciation can only grow as people become more involved in extreme sports, and the great fun it is to watch them live. So, go on out, buy a scooter and start practicing your tricks – there is a whole community out there that is just waiting to meet you.


Adrielyn Christi

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