3 Must-Have LUSH Family Beauty Products!

3 Must-Have LUSH Family Beauty Products!

By Erin Schweinsberg- TPM Senior Beauty Print Editor

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Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


A great body conditioner packed with amazing ingredients! If you’re looking for some extra hydration for your body this Fall, this is a great product to consider! With hydrating butters like Cocoa, shea, and cupuacu; combined with brazil nut, almond, and argan oils; this body conditioner provides deep moisture without a greasy feel! Haven’t used a body conditioner before? It’s super easy and worth the couple extra minutes in the shower! Simply massage onto your whole body after washing, rinse, and then pat dry when you get out!



Lip Service Lip Balm


A rich lip balm perfect for anyone in the family with dry lips! This is a matte finish balm that helps to soothe the lips and leaves them feeling soft and smooth! With ingredients like apricot kernel oil, fair trade shea butter, beeswax butter, and a hint of citrusy tangerine oil for flavor; you’re sure to love your new silky, hydrated lips!


Rainbow Fun


Whilst this is suitable for adults too, this is truly the greatest kid’s bath soap! It looks and feels like playdoh, it colors the bath water, and it bubbles up in the tub too! But the reason I loved it so much is that it’s actually full of good ingredients, and it’s so gentle on skin that children with eczema can use it without it causing a flare up- which is always great news! The lime and grapefruit oils to help cleanse the skin, whilst fair trade vanilla, lavender oil, and chamomile blue oil help to soften and soothe. This is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a bath time product.





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