Sahara Hot!


The Sahara is one of the most popular deserts in the whole world. It’s not only the largest African desert but the largest in the world occupying 3.3 million sq miles.

Countries this desert includes are Chad, Algeria, Sudan, Niger, Morocco, Mali, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania and Tunisia.

African prints are heating up in the fashion world .  Fashion is paying homage the motherland as it’s often called due to the belief that we all originated from there.

The beauty of this trend is the unity that every ethnicity has been seen rocking these prints. This is certainly a time to come together and fashion has a way of bridging the gap.

Traditionally, you may see African women draped in kente cloth with a head wrap . As fashion evolves, you’re  now seeing the 2017 spin on it, which may be a deep v cut dress , traditional skirt paired with a crop top, bandeau top, and denim jacket .

This trend offers endless options from casual wear, business suits, ball gowns and proms.

Remeber this name?  Kyemah McEntyre. This young lady designed her prom dress, and left the world in awe. Her dress was seen around the world and she was thrust into a fashion frenzy of where can I get this dress? Her fashions would later be seen on Vogue, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Essence , Fowler Museum , Tyra Banks show and more.


All you need is one trend setter to take something old and make it new.

You  determine what’s hot by making it YOURS. Fashion is dictated by many things hair, makeup etc.

Bantu knots where my inspiration for my print wear today. The outfit (skirt) below is something that can be worn day to day. You can pair with flat sandals or a cute strapy heel. I opted for a denim top and simply tied it up.

Skirt provided by

The pantsuit number is great for an evening social gathering. Pair with stilettos for that extra pow 💥 .

Pant suit provided by

its important when wearing prints your makeup doesn’t compete otherwise you’ll find yourself looking alittle busy.

I used my Sugar Pill Burning Heart Palette,  (orange eyeshadow in Flamepoint) Juvias Nubian 2 Palette, ( colors Morocco, Madagascar and Kenya in my cut crease area), doubled down on my Nubian palette, and used Nairobi and Nefertiti as my highlight, lip color is Covet #19 by Milani (I love this matte brown lip.)

Remember put your best face forward and be your own style guide . Draw inspiration and create your own beauty sensation. Why fit in when you were born to stand out!






Gia O Neal

Senior Editor Of Web