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Miik started as an idea that was inspired by a magazine article in Green Living Magazine on sustainable fabrics. Co-founder, Michael Gaughan, read the article and was immediately intrigued. Who knew that you could make fabric from corn, pineapple, milk, beech-wood and eucalyptus? With one eye on fashion and the other on the environment, he decided to try his hand at designing a clothing line. He started researching bamboo and other sustainable fabrics. He loved the concept of slow fashion: “Instead of buying cheap, trendy clothing that would end up in a landfill site after one season, why not create clothes that are durable and well-made in simple, but striking designs?” He learned fairly quickly that not all bamboo is created equal, and that they would have to mill their own fabric locally to control the quality, weight and color. Milling, designing and sewing locally would also support local businesses and minimize carbon emissions.

“My wife, Donna, thought I’d lost my mind as I already had my hands full running my own magazine production company.” But everything changed when Michael brought her home a bamboo skirt, “I wanted her to feel how unbelievably soft the fabric was”. Donna was skeptical at first – it wasn’t the most stylish piece! But once she tried it on, she couldn’t get enough of how soft the fabric felt against her skin. She didn’t take it off all summer. It was that skirt that truly convinced her of Miik’s full potential. If she was willing to wear something she didn’t even like because it felt so good, how much would she wear something she absolutely loved?

“It wasn’t until Donna agreed to get involved that Miik became a real company and not just an expensive hobby” says Michael. As a graphic designer with a deep-rooted passion for art and design, Donna took to designing timeless wardrobe staples for women seamlessly. As Creative Director, it is her vision that drives Miik. She not only designs the clothes, but creates all the printed and online marketing materials for Miik. She literally walks the talk, sporting a Miik piece every day.


Three years and several collections later, what started as a humble idea was becoming a growing business struggling to keep up with the demand. Left-brain creative types Michael and Donna realized they needed someone on board who could help take Miik to the next level. Enter Sue Cadman.

Brilliant, creative and driven, with a background in marketing and statistics, this mother-of-two can only be described in one word: unstoppable! After only two short years, she has had an astonishing impact on the company – Miik is now carried in over 75 stores across Canada.

Today, our friends have become customers and our customers have become friends. They tell us how much they love the fabric, the fit and mostly how amazing it feels to wear it. Miik has come to embody a lifestyle of looking great, while feeling incredible.




Sustainability and Miik: more than just fabric

“For us, sustainability goes beyond simply using greener fabrics and production processes. It even goes beyond producing locally in order to minimize our carbon footprint. What happens to the garment after it’s produced is just as important. By custom milling durable luxury fabrics and creating timeless yet contemporary pieces, Miik is challenging the fast-fashion model of temporary, disposable clothing. Our goal is to lengthen the time between purchasing the clothing you love, and it’s eventual disposal. It’s that simple.
 And when you discover how luxuriously soft our fabric feels against your skin and how versatile our pieces are, you truly will enjoy your Miik pieces for years to come. “





Catalina Magee

Founder / Owner of Trend Prive Magazine. Romanian-born American, "seasoned" in Italy, "cooked" in Germany and currently serving in Israel. NCIS Special Agent in Charge EA.

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