5 Overnight Beauty Tips You Need To Know!


Did you know that you can become more beautiful overnight? You can, and it is as simple as applying a few products and going to sleep. Not only is an overnight beauty regime a good exercise in multitasking, but you can improve almost any beauty issue overnight, from dry skin and brittle hair to rough feet and swollen eyes. Below are our top five beauty tips that you need to know to save time during the day and wake up pretty. These tips give a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep!”


1. Moisturize

Moisturizing is an absolutely essential step in every beauty routine, which is why it’s first on this list. The more moist your skin and hair is, the softer, smoother, stronger, and healthier they are, and the less prone to signs of aging. You can pack in a lot of extra moisture overnight, because there is more time for the most hydrating products to absorb. Plus, there is no way to do anything damaging while you’re sleeping. For your skin, apply a creamy lotion or hydration treatment to your face, and swipe on a thick layer of lip balm before bed. In the morning, it will all be absorbed and your skin will be super soft and plump. If your hair needs some moisturizing, you can work some coconut oil or olive oil into your hair and let it sit overnight. For extra moisture, wrap your head in plastic wrap or wear a shower cap. Simply wash the oil out in the morning for instantly silky and shiny tresses.



2. Make Waves

Do you want to add waves or curls to your hair, but hate the damage heat styling causes? Then try styling your hair overnight with this simple tip. Before going to bed, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. While your hair is still somewhat damp, braid it in sections or twist it into buns. The smaller the braids or buns, the tighter your curls will be; drier hair will result in softer waves. When you wake up, your hair will have dried. Just undo your chosen style, and you’ll have effortless, damage-free waves that will last for days (it also saves you a lot of styling time!). If braids and buns don’t quite achieve the kind of curls you want, you can also try these overnight curl styling methods instead, which include classic rollers and simple sock buns.


3. Soften Your Soles

This tip is especially useful for anyone who spends a lot of time exercising or working on their feet every day. To soften up your tired or cracked soles, massage a thick moisturizer, such as Vaseline or Vicks, into the tops and bottoms of your feet, with a little extra on especially dry spots. Then, put on a pair of socks and go to sleep; the socks will lock in the moisture overnight for extra softness. When you take off the socks in the morning, your feet will look and feel silkier and smoother than before. This is a great routine to do once a week to maintain your softened feet, or to indulge in anytime your feet need some refreshing. You can even finish a pedicure with this tip for an ultra-pampering experience.


4. Longer Lashes and Brows

We all want full eyebrows and long, thick lashes, but they can take years to grow and fill out naturally. If you think your brows or lashes are a bit too sparse, you can grow them overnight with an easy homemade serum. Mix together equal parts of Vitamin E oil, castor oil, and argan oil, which are all nutrient-packed oils that encourage hair growth. Use your finger or a Q-tip to apply a little of the serum to your brows or lashes before going to bed, and keep it on until morning. This serum is gentle enough to use nightly, and after a few months of consistent use, you’ll see fuller eyebrows and longer lashes.

Close up of female eye with artificial eyelashes near brush to tighten up


5. Bright Eyes

Our last overnight beauty tip is a must-do for bright and beautiful eyes. The thin skin around your eyes tends to puff up while you sleep, thanks to excess fluids that pool up under the skin, as well as from too much stress or sleep deprivation. To rejuvenate puffy eyes, put your eye cream in the refrigerator a few hours before bed, and later apply it while it’s cold. Be sure to apply the cream only around your eye socket bone, which will further prevent puffy lids. The cool cream will prevent swelling while still moisturizing your skin, and it helps relax tired eye muscles. If you would prefer an all-natural moisturizer, you can try this trick with avocado oil or sweet almond oil instead of a store-bought cream, which will also soften and brighten your eyes when you wake.


The eight hours you spend asleep every night may seem like an empty space of time, but when it comes to your beauty and skincare regime, you can accomplish a lot. As a last reminder, you must remember to take care of your teeth daily. Making it a habit of using mouthwash every night before going to bed will save you on the dental bills later in life. With these overnight beauty tips, you can actively improve your appearance in your sleep, while only spending a few minutes of your day working through your routine. Have you tried any of these overnight beauty tips, or do you have your own tips that we missed? Feel free to share your experiences!